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The proof reader finished, I updated the bits she suggested changing, and the final draft is being read by another person for the first time.

Dec 30, 2021 - I visited Tuluá again and got some more pics, check out the photo album for 17 new pics of Tuluá, Colombia.

Finally - I'm back online

Aug 23, 2006

The Catalina Hwy outside of Tucson.

Sheesh! First off - when I first relocated to Tucson I left my web server back in Seattle (on a dsl connection), until I could get set up on the net here in Tucson (on cable). Well, I finally did that in mid-July. I got the server up and running and thought it was working fine. When I connect to it on my own lan it worked, I was happily updating the blog, but low and behold! It wasn't accessible from the net!

I got a job and Monsoon season

Aug 14, 2006

Monsoon rains on Tucson, AZ.

I finally got a job! I'm working for Manheim's Tucson Auto Auction. My position is System Administrator. Just what I've been looking for. The Manheim auctions are wholesale only, auctions for auto dealers only, not the public. In fact, the public is not even allowed on the property without proper clearance, and there is a sheriff there on auction day to enforce it.

Cheryl is here now, and all of our stuff

July 16, 2006

The entrance into Coronado Cave.

I flew back to Seattle to move all our stuff down to Tucson. Got in on friday night, late, then spent saturday loading the moving truck, and left sunday morning. It was a busy weekend. I drove the rental truck most of the time, my son Austin drove it some as well (though he drove the car most of the time). Cheryl drove the car when Austin was driving the truck.

July 4th and more dirt roads to discover

July 6, 2006

Out for a drive - offroad exploring

July 2, 2006

Box Canyan in southern Arizona.

So I decided to go for a sunday drive. Thought I'd just go out and about to see some of the desert views on the east and south sides of town. So I headed east on I-10 just to get to the edge of town. As I'm motoring along I see a sign that points to State Route 83 to Sonoita, so I decide to head that way, after all, I haven't been out there yet.