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July 2005 Colockum Pass trip

July 7, 2005

Old silos and tractors in the middle of nowhere

This trip started on the Colockum Pass Rd then headed east on Road 14 (Carabou Rd), which becomes Perkins Rd, which comes to a tee with Little Brushy Rd going east and Beacon Rd going south. I took Little Brushy Rd. It eventually comes out at the Columbia River at West Bar. West Bar is across the river from Crescent Bar.

Back up on a new server

July 29, 2004

Two deer on Dungeness Spit, Washington.

I'm back up and running on a new server. Now I just have to do some work to update this site. I'll be working on that in between transcribing/ arranging music for the band I play in.

2004 Colockum Pass trip

May 6, 2004

My F250 4x4 that saw countless miles offroad.

My son David and I went out for one night. We took Colockum Pass Rd north to North Fork Rd (Road 10.10), following it east to Tarpiscan Rd (Road 14), which we followed south. Then that becomes Brewton Rd, then Brewton Gulch Rd, and finally Tekison Creek Rd. That put us at West Bar, where we spent the night.

The next day we headed southwest on Brushy Rd (Road 14), which becomes Little Brushy Rd, the Perkins Rd, and finally Carabou Rd. We took Colockum Pass road back into Ellensburg and back home.

The photos are labeled as best as I can recall the locations. They are straight from the camera - no touch-up or enhancing of any kind has been done (which is why many look just a bit washed-out).