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Who is Chip and why Chip's English Help?

What's so special about Chip's English Help?

I'm sure you will find this site useful if you are learning conversational English. This site has much to offer the English learner, continue reading to learn all this site has to offer.

  1. This sight has many mouse-over events - when you move your mouse cursor over a photo or a vocabulary word you will get a pop-up box with more information or another photo or picture.
  2. Eventually the entire site will be audible, meaning you can listen to the site as well as read it.
  3. This site is for learning conversational English, it is not for learning grammar. There are thousands of websites available that teach grammar. Remember this: grammar is for writing, not speaking.
  4. I have used many different pictures and photos of the same words or concepts to help give you a better understanding of the meaning of the words.

Who am I?

I am a US citizen who lives in Colombia, and I love it here. I used to be a computer guy - I worked as a computer tech, a systems admin, and a computer operator in a room with 5 large AS400 computers. And a few years as an independent contractor doing computer jobs. Before the computer jobs I worked in warehouses doing shipping/receiving, and before that was an assistant manager in a convenience store/deli. And various other bit jobs.

I was born in Kennewick, Washington, USA. My family lived on a small farm, but when I was quite young, about 4 or 5 years old I think, my family moved a bit south to Portland, Oregon. When I was 12 the family moved back to Washington state to a very small farming town called Quincy. Then two years later we moved across the Cascade Mountains to Lynnwood. Then just after graduating from high school I moved back across the mountains to Wenatchee, then a year and a half later (I did spend about 3 months of that time bicycle touring Oregon and Washington) back to the other side of the mountains to Mountlake Terrace. That was where I stayed because I met my wife and we started our family - two sons. Then about 20 years passed by as we raised them and lived a "normal" life. Then Cheryl and I sold our house and moved to Arizona. (David and Austin, our sons) had both moved out and started their own lives. Cheryl died in 2010 of a massive stroke, at only 48 years of age, and 3 years later I moved to Colombia.

I am TEFL certified through I love teaching English. I love watching people improve from barely speaking a couple sentences to holding a conversation. I know what I am doing is heling people in their jobs and in their personal lives. They tell me stories all the time in our lessons. Teaching English helps people to improve not just the life of the student, but also helps their entire family, not because they are also learning English, but because the students improve their job situation, and that effects their families. Of all the various jobs I have done, this is by far the most personally satisfying job I have ever had.