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School starting

Aug 30, 2010

Cheryl standing in front of giant Spruce Tree.

Well, I've made it through the roughest bit so far since Cheryl's death - dealing with all the legal stuff. I have been surprised by the amount of money one has to pay out before ever getting a penny from the life insurance - almost 22 grand! I was told the credit card companies will 'forgive' the debt on the cards of the deceased if you send them a copy of the death certificate, but alas, that is not true.

Moving along

Aug 4, 2010

Cheryl standing in front of the world

I have been in Washington state for a week and a half now. We had a grave side service and a memorial service last saturday. The grave side service was difficult for me. David, Austin and I placed Cheryl in the inurnment vault. The memorial service was very nice. It wasn't easy of course, but there were well over one hundred people there. Since then I am driving around the state visiting relatives that couldn't make it to the services.

Cheryl suffered a massive stroke

July 21, 2010

Cheryl and Chip at our 25th anniversary party.

On July13th, in the later afternoon while she was resting, Cheryl suffered a massice stroke in the cerebellum part of her brain. We kept her on life support, a ventilator, for a couple days until all the family members could arrive from out of state to see her and say their last goodbyes. Friday the 16th in the afternoon we had a time of prayer with the hospital chaplain and turned off the machine. Cheryl never suffered any pain or agony or suffering.