A new Short Story - Built for Pleasure

May 6, 2021

The night-shift security officer stands at his post, pistol at the ready on his hip, eyes staring into the darkness outside the door. A man's man. A stern look on his face, chest puffed up, full of hot air. He lets out his held-in breath and his chest recedes to it's normal, flat state, his stomach pushes out to its normal state (a bit beyond his belt buckle), as he looks at his reflection in the glass windows of the office he spends his nights in.

Brandon leads a life that's not exactly the most exciting, by any stretch of the imagination. The guard shack. There's nothing in here except his small desk, empty of anything other than his cellphone, a notebook, and a pencil. Oh, there is a small counter and sink with a coffee pot - the most essential item in the office.

Guarding what? And against what? Every hour at some random time he leaves the little nearly empty space and walks out into the parking lot, then around the side of the big factory. It used to be an aluminum smelter, many years ago. Now it was just a derelict building that was rusting away into oblivion. And he was responsible for making sure no curious kids found their way into the place during the night. Which is something that occurred once or twice every month.

He would walk a lap around the skeleton of dilapidated buildings shining his flashlight into every space that might hide somebody. Then back in his little space, that used to serve as the entry shack, he would warm up again and drink more coffee.

Night after night, 5 nights a week, all year round, year after year. He'd been doing this kind of work for more than 8 years now.

Sitting in his little space his mind went back to the one subject that it so often went back to, "Why didn't I finish high school? Why didn't I at least try to get a GED?" And he would fall into a dark mood of regret. Sometimes, standing at the big window, looking at his reflection, he would try to imagine himself as some super-guard for a Las Vegas casino, or for the President.

He imagined, "Now, there's a man's man, a man built to do one thing - pleasing the women." That lasted as long as he could hold his breath to keep his thin chest puffed up.

"Dear god, help me," he told his reflection. Then he would go out for another walk around the rust-bucket of a factory.

He had no women in his life, not even a sister. He was the youngest of 4 sons from a mother who never married any of the four men who fathered her four sons. He never even knew who his father was, let alone the fathers of his brothers. They all knew they were half-brothers, at least their mother was honest in that regard. But then, when the oldest of the four turn 17 she split. She left them one night when they were sleeping. They never heard from her again.

The phone shook him from his thoughts, "Hey," Brandon said.

"Well, don't sound so excited to get a phone call at this hour," it was Cindra, the office woman for the company he worked for, EverReady Security.

"Yeah, Okay, so what's up Cindi?" Brandon asked.

"Why do you call me that? You know I prefer Cindra, that is my name, after all."

"Yeah, okay, excuse me," said Brandon.

"What's wrong with you, anyway?" She didn't wait for an answer, "At any rate, can you come to the office tomorrow on your way in to work?"

"What's it about?"

"Does it matter? Just come to the office."

"Right, anything else?"

"No, that's all, try to have a nice night, Brandon," said Cindra, then she hung up the old black phone, almost an antique now.

Brandon wondered, "What could that be about. There hasn't been any rumors about lay-offs or any such thing."

The night passed by as they all do, except for one incident with some stray dog that chased him. He almost had to use his gun as it was biting the leg of his pants, but he managed to get rid of it with his rather large flashlight.

The next day he stopped at the office.

"Hi," said Brandon as he approached Cindra's desk.

"Oh, hi, Brandon, how are you?" Cindra asked, "They'll be with you in just a minute."

"Who?" asked Brandon.

"Richard and Lorissa, of course, who else?" It wasn't a big operation, EverReady Security. Richard started and owned the business. Lorissa handled most of the office duties. And Cindra worked the reception desk. Brandon was one of 14 security guards that worked for them.

"Brandon, buddy, how are you doing?" asked Richard. "Come on in! Have a seat. Want some coffee?" His fast talking didn't impress Brandon one bit because he knew a little more about Richard's sordid history than Richard would have wanted.

"No, thanks," responded Brandon, looking at Lorissa, who was looking at him. Brandon thought, "She's looking at me too intently." Then he looked back at Richard.

Lorissa sat down in the chair next to Brandon, crossed her legs, and turned towards him. Brandon wondered if she was flirting with him. "No," he thought, "Not here, not in front of Richard. Aren't they a couple?" They were a couple, but it wasn't a good relationship. And Larissa was interested in a little fling to help end it.

Richard said, "Brandon, would you be interested in a different assignment?"

"I suppose," Brandon said with some hesitation.

"Good," continued Richard, "We have a warehouse in town that needs our best guard, and I think you'd be perfect for the job. What do you think?"

"If you think I should guard it then okay, I'll guard it," said Brandon.

Lorissa shifted her position a little and crossed her legs in the other direction, Brandon couldn't help but notice, she made sure of that. "What is she up to?" thought Brandon, "She can't be interested in me, I'm sure."

"Very good, I'll have the schedule changed and the details sent to you tomorrow morning," said Richard.

"Okay, thanks," said Brandon. He stood up, then Lorissa slowly stood up directly in front of him, smiled, and walked around her chair, giving Brandon a long, lingering look.

Brandon's mind was whirling with thoughts of Lorissa as he left the office - "what on earth is she up to? She's got money. She's my boss, or one of my bosses, I suppose. She's beautiful and could get any man she wants. She can't possibly be interested in me."

Brandon left the office and went to the old wreck of a factory for another night of the same old boring job. "Well, it will be good to get away from this junk heap and guard something in town," thought Brandon.

That night during one of Brandon's walks around the old factory Lorissa arrived at his little office. She went inside and made some coffee, then made herself almost comfortable in the one old chair that was in there.

Brandon made his way around the last corner of the complex and saw a car in the parking area, next to his car. He didn't recognize the car, a BMW, next to his old Pontiac. It was most certainly out of place parked there, obviously outside of its normal comfort zone.

Lorissa saw him coming towards the little office before he could see her through the darkened windows, and she unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse. It was white, sheer, and left nothing to the imagination. Her bra was also white but also very dainty, to the point of not providing much support, but rather was there to add just a little mystery to what lay beneath not hidden by the sheer blouse. It managed to do that while also leaving as much cleavage visible as possible. She looked at her reflection in the window and unbuttoned a third button, and smiled.

Brandon opened the door, looked inside, saw Lorissa standing there waiting for him. Her blouse was unbuttoned halfway down to her belly button. She smiled and said, "Brandon, come in, close the door."

He did.

She pushed him down into the chair. She raised her short skirt up a bit to allow her legs to span his lap and she sat down on him. Her bared chest was fully visible now, directly in from of his face. She looked at him, smiled, and pressed her lips to his.

He didn't even have more than a few seconds to breath before she was on him.

It took him a minute to wrap his brain around the situation, but he finally did when her tongue started exploring the inside of his mouth. Automatically, his hands went around her waist and pulled her tight against him. His arousal was clearly evident to her as she rubbed her crotch against him. She was breathing more heavily and getting more excited, as was he. He unbuttoned the last couple buttons on her blouse, unhooked the front clasp of her bra, and took a breast into his mouth.

While he was busy with that she managed to "accidentally" dial up Richard.

Richard answered the phone, said "Hello, Lorissa," then paused as he heard the sounds coming from Lorissa and Brandon. Of course, Richard had no idea who the man was, but he was fully aware that that was the sounds of Lorissa with that other man. He started to shout at the phone, then the call disconnected. Lorissa gave him just enough to get the response she was hoping for.

She unbuttoned Brandon's pants, removed him from within and sat on his hardness taking it all the way inside her. They made love like it was the last time either would ever have the chance to do so.

When they finished Lorissa stood up, fixed her clothes, gave Brandon a kiss, said "Thanks, sweetie" and left. She drove away from the office without a look back. Brandon was left speechless.

"What on earth was that?" he asked his reflection in the window as he buttoned up his pants.

Brandon had no idea she was using him for her affair to end her relationship with Richard.

The next day Brandon received his new schedule and work location - a warehouse in the industrial area. About a half-hour after arriving his phone rang.

"Hello," Brandon said in his typical monotone bored voice.

"Jeez, Brandon, why do you always sound so depressed?" asked Cindra.

"I'm not depressed, this just isn't the most exciting job in the world, you know."

"I suppose not, how was last night?"

Brandon thought, "What? Last night? What do you know about last night? Did Lorissa tell you about what we did?"

"Oh, just curious, making conversation. Hmm, what who did?"

"Never mind, okay, so what's up? Why the call?"

"I'm calling to check in with you, ask if you need anything, any supplies, maybe I can bring you something, anything. You know."

"Okay, well, thanks, but it looks like I have everything I need, but then I've been here only about a half-hour. Why don't you call back in a few hours and ask again, okay?"

"Oh, yeah, okay, I will. Talk to you later," Cindra smiled. Cindra was a sweet woman, not a supermodel beauty like Lorissa, but attractive nonetheless. She liked Brandon but he had never given her a second thought.

Brandon didn't know a lot about her but what he did know was that he and she shared no similar interests - she was a dog lover type person, he wasn't; she was a book worm, he wasn't; she was a naturalist almost to an extreme, he wasn't. He thought she was pretty enough but that they were from two different worlds and wouldn't be compatible in any way.

Later that night during his shift he got another phone call, two in one shift was unusual for him.

"Hi, Brandon, how are you?" asked Cindra. She was calling from home, and she was already in bed, but she remembered that she said she would call him later.

"Oh, Hi, Cindra. I'm fine. What's up?" Brandon had forgotten he told her to call him back later.

"Well, I am," she said.

"Huh?" then Brandon noticed the time, 11:45pm. "Oh, yeah, it's quite late, what's up?"

"Well, you asked me to give you a call later, remember?"

"Oh, yeah, you were asking if I needed anything for the job here. No, not right now."

"Oh, okay," Cindra was a little disappointed, "You're sure there isn't at all that you need? I can bring it to you tomorrow."

"If I need anything I'll send you a message, okay?"

"Okay, cool. So, what's new? Anything exciting?"

"Hmm, no, nothing new," Brandon was curious about this new interest Cindra seemed to be showing.

"Okay. Maybe you should do something to liven it up a bit."

"Oh, I don't know, I kind of like it this way. No worries, no problems. You know what I mean?"

"I suppose that's one way to look at it," said Cindra.

"Good night, Cindra, I have to go walk around the warehouse again," said Brandon. He didn't really need to go out right then, he had just got back a few minutes before, he just didn't want to talk to her anymore.

Cindra was a little disappointed, she wanted to talk to him more.

"Oh, okay, talk to you later, then. Have a good night," Cindra hung up the call, smiled, turned off the light, and went to sleep.

The next day Cindra grabbed a few supplies from the office and late in the afternoon drove over to the warehouse where Brandon was working.

She knocked on the guard shack door but there was no answer so she waited until Brandon returned from his walk around the warehouse.

When Brandon returned he found Cindra waiting for him with the supplies.

"Oh, hi, Cindra," Brandon said as he approached her from behind.

She turned and replied, "Hi Brandon, how are you?"

"All good, I suppose."

"I'm glad, here's the things I said I would bring for you."

"Thanks, I didn't think I needed anything."

"Oh, I thought these might come in handy, and I was just passing by anyway," Cindra lied, she wasn't just passing by.

"Well, thanks. Would you like some coffee? I just made some, so it's fresh."

Cindra smiled and said, "Of course I would, thank you."

They both went into the guard shack, sat down and shared a pot of coffee and conversation. Throughout the conversation Cindra was flirting with Brandon, touching his hand occasionally, bumping a foot against his leg, smiling, giggling, and so on. Brandon recognized it, and as the time went by he began to enjoy it. Eventually Cindra would have to leave, and when she did she paused for a second, then planted a kiss on Brandon's cheek.

He smiled and said, "See you later." He was warming up to her, just as she had hoped he would. She knew they were miles apart in everything, but she didn't care about that.

The next day Cindra was thinking of an excuse to get Brandon to stop by the office, but was coming up with nothing. Instead, she came up with a plan to go see him again - she would take him a bag of some special coffee.

Cindra knocked on the guard shack door.

"Hi Cindra, what are you doing here again? This is a surprise," said Brandon.

"Well, first," she gave him a quick kiss on his cheek, "first, I remembered you were just about out of coffee, so I bought some for you. Here, it's imported from Colombia, I hope you like it."

"Oh, wow, thanks, I'm sure I will!" Brandon immediately cleaned the coffee pot and put on the Colombian to brew. "Here, sit down, you can have a cup with me. Oh, you have time for a cup, don't you?"

"Yes, I have all the time you want," said Cindra as she purposely ran her hand across his shoulders on her way to sitting in his chair. Brandon smiled.

He knew that this newfound friendship would be difficult to turn into a long term relationship, but he had decided that he might just give it a try.

He walked around and behind her, letting his hand run through long hair as he did, and moved the other chair up close to her. She turned to him, smiled, and pressed her lips to his. She wasn't going anywhere any time soon.