62 - A Short Story - That Dress

September 15, 2020

Tina, a pretty, 24-year-old woman finishing her Master's degree in Archeology, and her mother, Evelin, were out shopping and stopped for lunch, salad, and lemon-water, and were talking about what Tina will do when she is finished with her studies in another month or so.

"Sweetie, you know I don't want you to leave me. You're all I have left in this world," Evelin said, quite sadly, with big brown eyes looking forlornly at her daughter.

"Oh, jeez, Mom, why do you do that? Every time we get together you give me those eyes and you talk like you're going to lose me forever," said Tina. She was trying to be serious but finding it difficult to do so, not because of the conversation but because there was a child at the next table playing with her food, and the child's mother tried to control the child but that only resulted in the food taking a flight across the table.

"What's so funny? This is a laughing matter, young lady," said Evelin, unaware of what was happening behind her back.

Tina, in glancing around the room like we all do when we're in a restaurant, also glanced out the window and she saw a man at one of the sidewalk tables. She gave him a little smile because she smiles at everybody without even thinking about it.

"Oh, of course not, I'm not laughing at what you're saying, Mom. I understand you completely and you don't need to worry, I'm not going to leave you forever. My trips to the various digs will be limited to no more than a few months, at the most, I think," the last two words were said very softly as she didn't want her mother to actually hear them.

"You think?" Evelin

them, "You think? What does that mean?"

"I expect that usually my trips will be a few months at the most, and there is the possibility that I could get a trip to a dig that will require me to stay longer. But, Mom, I don't know for sure, not yet," she suppressed a laugh at the little girl who this time launched a French fry at her brother and hit him between his eyes.

Evelin turned around to see what the distraction was and was just in time to view the blob of ketchup dripping between the boy's eyes, and she too started to laugh at the show, until she saw the frustration on the children's mothers face.

"Excuse me for a minute, Mom, I'm going to use the lady's room," and Tina left the table for a couple minutes.

While Tina was away the man from the outside table approached Evelin and handed her a piece of paper, "Hi, my name is Lucas, and I noticed the young woman, through the window, I'm sitting at that table right there, and I am hoping she is single and you would give her this," he handed the little paper to Evelin.

"Oh, um, yeah, this is a bit strange, but okay," replied Evelin.

"Thank you, oh, I'm a bit nervous about this kind of thing," he said, and he returned to his table outside.

When Tina returned she and her mother changed the conversation to more esoteric subjects, mostly rumors and gossip her mother had been hearing from her neighbors.

The women finished their lunch and their conversation and when Tina's mom picked up her purse and found the piece of paper the man gave her, she had second thoughts about giving it to her daughter. So, she put it in her purse, and they left the restaurant.


Lucas, a purchasing manager for a distribution company, had been sitting at a sidewalk table outside the window from the two women. Tina had only briefly noticed the man sitting alone outside, and he only barely could see her through the glare of the sun on the window. He liked what he saw when he did catch a glimpse of her. She had short brown hair and bangs that perfectly framed her face. He had no idea if she had even seen him.

It had been about 5 months since he broke off his engagement with Susan. She had been caught in an affair with a co-worker, though she said it wasn't an affair, only some kissing in a storage room at the office. Regardless, it wasn't a good thing for a person engaged to be married to someone else to be involved in.

Lucas moved his chair a little so he could get a better view through the window with less glare from the afternoon sun, and then Tina did notice him. She gave him a little smile. He thought she smiled at him because she was interested in him.

At one point, he saw the young woman leave the table and he thought that would be a good opportunity to give his name and number to the older woman so she could give them to the younger woman, if she was single. That's what crossed his mind. And that's what he did.

Lucas isn't the most bold and outgoing of men when it came to meeting women, especially the ones he thought were particularly pretty. In fact, he felt a bit intimidated and unsure about how to approach them. But, once that deed was done, he usually had no problem maintaining a conversation.

He finished his lunch, a hamburger and onion rings and a Coke to wash it down with, and returned to his job, hoping for a call from the woman in the restaurant.


A week passed and Lucas had no phone call from the young woman. Then a second week passed. He had given up hope that she would call him; after all, she was probably married, or at least had a boyfriend, so she couldn't call, so he assumed. He put her out of his mind and moved on.

Then one day his phone rang with a number he didn't recognize, "Hello?"

"Hi, um, you gave me your number a few weeks ago, remember? At the restaurant?" a woman's voice said.

"Oh, yeah! That was, like, three weeks ago, wasn't it? Wow, I'm glad you called," he thought he was talking to the young woman.

"Yes, that's right. I hope you don't mind my wanting to ask you some questions before, you know, anything else, like a date," Evelin said.

"No, yeah, of course you can ask me anything. Think of me as an open book. Whatever you want to know I'll give you the full lowdown," Lucas was sure he was talking to the young woman, he still didn't know her name, but in reality, he was talking to her mother. Evelin was going to have fun with this, and if Lucas had known, he probably would have chosen a few different words or phrases. As the conversation when on they became more relaxed and friendlier and Lucas even used a few flirty words with the woman he was hoping to meet.

"I hope we can meet, can you take you out for dinner? Maybe to a movie? Or the theater? A museum? A walk in a park?" he really wanted to go out with the young woman.

"Well," Evelin thought for a moment, "I suppose we could meet, talk, and see what happens after that. I think that would be okay, maybe we can meet at the new park plaza and go from there, what do you think?"

"That's would be perfect," replied Lucas, knowing that the park plaza is very nice, has lots of shady areas and even offers some privacy from too many people watchers.

They made arrangements to meet on the weekend, Evelin laughing at her cunning idea and the thought of what might happen, and Lucas looking forward to meeting and getting to know that woman in the restaurant.

Then he realized he hadn't asked for the woman's name. What a dufus! thought Lucas.


Saturday. Tina is at the university, studying. Her mother was thinking about that tall handsome man from the restaurant and what she should wear - something conservative and as old as her age? Or something young and free and just a little bit on the wild side? She chose the latter.

Lucas was also thinking about the upcoming date, put on some cargo shorts and a polo shirt, then changed the polo shirt for a t-shirt. Shaved his 3-day beard and went out to get a haircut.

In the park, Evelin was sitting on a bench along the main path, watching the people walk by, and watching for the man she was anxiously looking forward to meeting.

Lucas was walking along the path looking at every woman in the park, looking for that one particular young lady with the short hair and bangs, but so far, he hadn't seen her anywhere. As he walked past the bench where Evelin was sitting, for the second time, she smiled at him. She had seen him pass by the first time and was simply enjoying watching this man search for someone else. This time she stood up as he approached.

She had chose to wear a dress that belonged to her daughter, and it was quite possibly just a bit too small, but she liked the way it looked on her.

When Lucas was walking towards her he paused for a moment when he saw this woman in the short black skirt and low V-neck top that revealed just a bit more than it was meant to, and he smiled, said Hello, and continued, not knowing who she was.

"Excuse me, but are you looking for someone?" asked Evelin.

"As a matter of fact, I am," said Lucas, just about staring at this woman with beautiful, long blonde wavy hair, nice body, especially for a slightly older woman, the thought. He continued with a brief description of the woman he was looking for, "She has short light-brown hair and bangs that perfectly frame her pretty face, and"

Evelin pulled a photo of Tina out of her purse and showed it to him, "Is this her?"

"Yes! That's her, hey, wait a minute, you were with her in the restaurant! I remember you, I gave you my number and told you to give it to the young woman," he was almost, but not quite, angry. He was finding it difficult to be any more so while looking at Evelin, he was still stunned by how beautiful she was. His eyes had swept down her body to her feet looking at her legs, hips, and waist, before returning to her face. She smiled. "You didn't give her my number, why?" Lucas asked.

"She is my daughter. And, I wanted to find out who you were before letting her meet someone on a blind date. You understand?" she asked him, looking up directly at him eye-to-eye, even though her eyes were a good 10 inches lower than his.

Lucas felt like he was being drilled and inspected and shifted his position a little, "Yeah, of course, I can appreciate that. I guess it was a little weird for a stranger to hand you a piece of paper with his name and number and ask you to give to another woman," and he said down on the bench when he finished that.

Evelin also sat down. Lucas couldn't help but think how amazing this woman looked and he blurted out, "You look amazing! How do you do it?" Then he immediately turned red, blushed, and turned his face downward.

Evelin giggled at him, "Well, thank you very much for your comment, I like that a young man, a handsome young man like yourself, would find an old woman like me attractive." She laughed and shifted her position so she was facing him more directly.

"Older woman? Hardly, you can't be more than forty, right? Oh, but then I suppose you'd be too young for a daughter in her middle 20's," said Lucas, his mind was trying to figure out what age she might be.

"Thanks. My Tina was born when I was only 17 years old, so you're not far off," said Evelin.

"Wow, simply amazing. Hey, how about a movie? And afterwards dinner?" asked Lucas.

"Okay, I'd love that," replied Evelin, "Oh and by the way, my name's Evelin."

"Nice to meet you, Evelin, my name's Lucas," then he remembered the note he gave her at the restaurant, "Oh, but you already know that."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Lucas," she smiled and reached out her hand.

"Oh, believe you me, the pleasure is all mine," he said as he held her hand without shaking it, "I hope you don't think this is too forward, I have to say it, you are unbelievably beautiful and that dress is absolutely amazing!"

"Thanks, but it's not a dress, it's a skirt," she giggled.

"Oh, yeah, I suppose so," he said, a little embarrassed, "I suppose I should know the difference."

"Many men don't pay attention to that sort of thing, so don't worry about it," Evelin had placed on hand on her leg and unconsciously(?) drug it backwards, moving the skirt up her leg just a little more.

"Um, yeah, I, uh, suppose you're right about that," Lucas was watching her every movement and feeling a little more excitement growing towards her.

Evelin slid herself a little closer to him, touched his knee, let her hand linger there, and then didn't remove it. His excitement grew stronger. He put one hand on top of hers, his other hand just naturally went to the side of her head, he drew her closer to him, and they kissed. His hand slid down the side of her neck, lightly over the open V-neck of her shirt, she breathed

heavily, and continued down to rest on her leg. They kissed again.

Before the movie they walked in the park, talked a lot, flirted with each other, and before long it was like, "who's Tina?"


That night at home Tina asked her mother, "So, Mom, what'd you do today? Why is one of my dresses out?"

"Oh my god! Sweetie, you won't believe what happened today!"