61 - A Short Story - The Date

September 8, 2020

This story is about Molson and Thomas, and Ana and Miriam. The two men do not know the two women, and vice versa. Or do they? We will soon find out.

Thomas has an account on a dating website because he wants to find a woman for a long-term relationship, maybe even marriage.

Name: Thomas
Job: Construction, usually on towers
Marital Status: single, no children
Searching for: serious relationship, long-term

Description: I'm of medium height, dark-brown hair that is always just a bit longer than my collar and I pretty much always have a stubble beard. I have that ruggedly handsome look you might find on a package of cigarettes (or used to, I suppose). I'm in very good physical condition mostly due to my very physically demanding job.

Ana has a profile on the same dating site, and the two of them have met on the site and have exchanged a few messages on the site.

Name: Ana
Job: Nurse in an emergency room
Marital Status: single, no children
Searching for: serious relationship, long term

Description: medium height, long black hair, dark almond shaped eyes, a small nose, and small ears, (well, I think they are smaller than normal). I love aerobics dancing and do it four or 5 times a week. My grandparents were immigrants from Peru so I have the always-tanned look that so many men seem to be attracted to.


Thomas invited his friend Molson over for a BBQ. They were grilling salmon for dinner, when Thomas brought up the one subject Molson hated the most - women and relationships. Molson is a firefighter and he believes that that job is not conducive to a healthy family life, and so is a bachelor and always will be. Not that he doesn't have women in his life, being a bit more than six feet tall and handsome, there's always one or two women close to him.

"Hey, Molson, I'm tired of living alone," started Thomas.

"Yeah, I know, you've told me this how many times? Too many to count. You've dated how many women these past couple of years? 2? 3? And for how long? A couple months each, tops. You'll never find your future wife that way," Molson said. "And, I think you need to get out of that stupid dating website and just find a woman the old-fashioned way."

"The old-fashioned way? What's that, going to a bar, picking up some half-drunk, probably married woman? Or a jobless woman looking for a man to support her for the rest of her life?" asked Thomas.

"Well, with an attitude like that it's no wonder you're still single," Molson replied, finishing his beer. "Can you get me another beer?"

"Here, have two; they're on me," laughed Thomas, "anyway, there are lots of interesting women on this site; you should check it out as well, maybe you'll the woman of your dreams."

Molson scoffed, "Ha! Not likely, buddy. I expect what you will find is nothing but men behind those profiles, pretending to be women so they can steal your money. I'm telling you, you need to stop using that site."

"Well, I've exchanged a couple messages with a woman named Ana, and we are talking about meeting. If we do you can come with me and you'll see she's real, and not some couch potato scammer," replied Thomas, opening another beer and turning over the salmon.

"Yeah, I'm sure. I won't hold my breath. Is that ready yet? I'm hungry," said Molson.


Meanwhile, somewhere across town were two women talking about men, and it was much the same type of conversation, but at least with these two women they were a bit more supportive of each other.

"How's the man-hunt going?" asked Miriam.

"I wish you wouldn't say it that way," replied Ana, "you know I'm serious about this, and I'm being very careful about who I chat with, and hopefully meet."

"Yeah, I know, I just have to give you a hard time whenever possible," said Miriam as she set the table for dinner. Ana finished cooking the dinner, spaghetti and meatballs, and they sat down to eat.

"I really like this vegie-spaghetti, it has a very good flavor," started Ana, "and the meatballs that aren't meatballs, you gotta love that, too, right?" The two prefered to use vegetable substitutes whenever possible.

"Yeah, they're delicious!" said Miriam, "So, have you found anyone you might want to actually meet? I'll go with you so you have backup in case it turns out to be some scammer, or someone that wants to kidnap you."

"Seriously, Miriam, try to have a little more positive attitude about this, for me, okay?" said Ana.

"Yes, of course sweetie, again, just giving you a little razzing, that's all," said Miriam, eating her dinner, "This wine is really good! We'll have to buy some more of this."

"Yeah, it was a good find, wasn't it?" said Ana, "And yes, actually I have found someone I want to meet. His name is Thomas and he works in construction..."

Miriam cut her off, "Stop! Wait, construction? Seriously? You want to go out with a construction guy? They're so rough, so macho, and such womanizers." She refilled her glass with the wine.

"Oh for goodness sake, Miriam, not all men are like that. Only the ones you seem to find," said Ana, and they both laughed. "Pass the wine, would you, Miriam?"

Miriam is a very pretty woman and in good condition from the many hours of aerobics dancing with Ana. Her wavy shoulder-length brown hair, green eyes, and high cheekbones often bring her lots of attention. Her motto is "less is more", which means when she's not working her typical style of dress is less, not more. The men are always checking her out.

"Hmm, yeah, you got me there. So, have you made plans yet? To meet him?" asked Miriam.

"Not yet," replied Ana, "I'll chat with him tomorrow, if he's online tomorrow night. Hopefully he'll ask me out."

"Well, you'll have to keep me up-to-date so I can go with you, right?" said Miriam.

"Of course, I wouldn't do this without my best friend!" said Ana.

And they continued talking about how the living room needed to be redecorated and soon finished dinner and the entire bottle of wine. They came to the decision that the living room needed to be painted pink on two walls and lavender on the other two walls. Maybe they had had too much wine.


The next weekend Ana and Thomas arranged a meeting. They both agreed it would be okay to bring a friend along.

Thomas and Molson arrived at the coffee shop a bit early, found a table for four, ordered coffees, and waited. The women arrived fashionably late. They stood outside the door and peered into the coffee shop looking for the men. Ana recognized Thomas from his photo and got excited when she saw that he actually did match his photo.

"Look Miriam, there he is! I mean there they are, at the table over there under the TV," said Ana, trying to not be too excited.

"Oh, yeah, okay, they look nice," Miriam said, giving her approval. "Well, let's go in."

They opened the door and walked into the coffee shop, paused to look around, then walked towards the two men. Ana immediately recognized Molson, her former boyfriend and fiancé from years before, but she said nothing to her friend. The guys hadn't noticed the women walk in the door; they were too busy talking about the basketball game the night before.

"Hi!" said Ana, immediately getting their attention.

"Oh, Hi!" and the two men stood up and they all greeted each other with pleasant smiles, and then Molson recognized Ana, and almost went pale with surprise, but he said nothing about them knowing each other. This meeting was about Thomas meeting Ana and hopefully them starting a long-term relationship, if all went well.

"Please, sit down; we have coffee ready, I hope you like it black with sugar, but I can get you something different if you'd like," said Thomas.

"No, no, this is fine," replied Ana.

Miriam thought she saw something odd about her friend. She quietly asked, "Are you okay, Ana?"

"Huh? Yes, yes, of course, I'm fine, and the coffee's fine," she was a little surprised and taken aback at the same time with the sight of her long-ago boyfriend and fiancé.

Molson was about to say, "Hi, Ana, wow, it's been a long time..." but before he could get past the Hi she gave him a little kick under the table and he immediately stopped. Then he got the clue as she pretended to be meeting Molson for the first time, and he did the same.

Molson asked Miriam, "So, you're Ana's friend? What do you do for work? Oh, and you Ana, what do you do?" Now he was overdoing it and finding himself becoming a bit flustered.

The conversation continued with the typical first-meeting small talk with Ana and Thomas doing most of the talking.

Thomas and Miriam had no idea that the other two had been lovers and engaged to be married in the past, and Ana and Molson wanted it to be kept secret.

The rest of the meeting went well with only a little bit of stiffness in the talk between Molson and Ana, but they managed it well enough that the other hadn't noticed anything between them.

Molson tried hard to focus on Miriam and avoid Ana, which worked well, the other two never suspected anything.


Over the next few months, Thomas and Ana continued dating and were becoming quite serious, and after about 7 months of dating Thomas asked Ana if she would move in with him.

"Really? You want us to live together?" asked Ana, a little surprised but also glad that he asked.

"Yes, will you? I'd really like for us to move our relationship to the next level, you know? What do you think?" asked Thomas.

"Well, I want to move our relationship to the next level also, Thomas, but for me the next level is a bit more serious than just living together, you know what I mean?" asked Ana.

Thomas replied, "I was hoping you would say something along those lines." Thomas was prepared. He reached into his pocket and took out a small box, "Ana, I love you, you know, and I want to share my life with you, and I would like you to share your life with me. Will you marry me?"

Ana wrapped her arms around Thomas' neck, kissed him, and said, "Yes! Of course, I will! I love you, too." And they kissed, and kissed some more.


As those months had passed by Molson and Ana became new friends and never spoke of their previous relationship, they never even spoke to each other about it. When they had been engaged they had been very young, too young, too wild, for a long-lasting relationship. It hadn't been about loving one another for life; it had been about lust, young love, simply a great desire to be with the other, but not necessarily for always. When they broke up Ana was broken-hearted, but it was short-lived. She soon found other men to date. And Molson moved on to another woman, then another, and so on. To this day, he is still single and not interested in a long-term relationship, marriage, kids, and all the "trappings" that go along with that.

I had hoped to tell you about Molson and Miriam hooking up and going on to great things together, but alas, that didn't happen. Miriam did find a man, eventually, and not on a dating website. She is planning on getting married in the not-too-distant future.

As for Thomas, he was madly in love with Ana and looking forward to settling into a life with the woman he loved and starting a family. They got married and less than a year later little Andy was born, and immediately after him came his sister, Andrea, and immediately after her came Adriana. Yes, triplets. Well, Thomas always believed if you're going to do something, do it right, don't hold back, go big. He and Ana did just that.