60 - A Short Story - The Magical Journal

September 3, 2020

"June 25, today was a normal day - I got up a little late, about 8. Had pancakes and eggs for breakfast. Watched the news. Took a nap. Had a sandwich for lunch. Walked on the beach in the afternoon. It was a nice day. I went to bed about 10:30."

Allen kept a journal of his days, and in his journal one day is the same as the next. They never change. Every entry is the same as the one you read at the beginning of this story. Which means his life is not exciting.

He doesn't have a job, he inherited money from his parents when they died a few years ago. He has no ambition to do anything. He has come to the decision that he doesn't need to do a job, he doesn't need to take university classes, he just lives day to day and does nothing exciting.

One day when he was walking on the beach he found a book in the sand. He picked up the book, which was wet, he brushed off as much of the sand as he could, and looked at the pages. The pages were blank. There was nothing written on them. It was simply a book waiting to be filled in by whoever happened to find it. On the cover were two words, "My Wishes".

Allen took the book home and set it on a shelf. He stood the book up so the pages were mostly open so they could dry, then he left to go and do his usual routine - nothing.

He forgot about the book because he was so busy doing nothing and it sat there on the shelf waiting to be written in. You see, the book he found was special, even magical. But, he had no idea about that, to Allen it was just a book of blank pages which he would use for his next journal.

As the days passed, and the weeks passed, he got closer and closer to using all the pages in his journal. All the pages with all the same entries from all the same days over all the same weeks and same months. Even the same years. But for how much longer will all his days remain the same?

Finally the day arrived, he wrote his last entry in his journal. He looked through his journal, page by page, smiled, ran his hand over the cover, and closed it gently. He placed it on a shelf above his desk and reached for the other journal, the one he had found on the beach, and took it down.

He held the journal in his hands and examined the cover, it was a very nice leather cover with the words "My Wishes" embossed in the leather. He gently opened the journal to the first page where he found that somebody had written in the book these words, "Whatever you write in this book will come true for you so be careful what you write".

"Hmm, curious, what could that mean?" He asked nobody in particular, because there was nobody else in his room.

And he started writing: "August 10, Got up at around 8, had pancakes and eggs for breakfast. Watched the news, took a nap, made a sandwich for lunch. Went for a walk on the beach after lunch, it was nice, quiet, not many people there. Took a nap, had mac & cheese for dinner, watched the news, went to bed about 10:30".

And he went to bed, and it was about 10:30, as always.

The next day was the same as the previous day which had been the same as the day before it. He again wrote all the same events in his journal, and he set it down. "Well, what could possibly come true of what I write? I don't write my wishes, in fact, I don't have any wishes" thought Allen.

A couple nights later while sitting at his desk getting ready to write his entry in his journal a thought occurred to Allen, "Why not write a wish in the journal? After all, it says it is for writing wishes." He had to think for a while, what can I wish for?

First he wrote his daily routine, all the same words as all the other entries. Then, at the end of his entry, he wrote, "I wish I had a cat. A black and white cat just like the cat in the cartoon Tom and Jerry".

The next day was a normal day, nothing fun, nothing exciting, nothing adventurous, and no new cat. At the end of the day when he was at his desk ready to write in his journal he wrote all the same, normal events, and at the end he wrote, "Well, no cat, maybe this book isn't any different from any other book". Then he went to bed.

Another day, another normal, nothing-to-get-excited about day. At least at the beginning. After lunch, his usual sandwich lunch, Allen didn't take a nap. This day he went for a walk in the park. That was something he hadn't done before. Why did he do that?

While walking through the park he saw children playing and parents sitting on benches talking. He saw some others playing with or walking dogs. There was even one family that had a rabbit on a leash, what a strange thing, Allen thought. He liked his walk in the park, the different sights and sounds were interesting to him.

That night, sitting at his desk, he had to pause, and think, "What should I write? I always write about the beach, today I went to the park. This is harder to write about". So he sat and thought for a little while, then he started to write about his day and his visit to the park. And he ended his entry with "Again, another day and no cat, I think the book is lying about wishes".

The next day Allen woke up earlier than usual, he woke up at 7:30. He had cereal for breakfast, not pancakes and eggs. And he didn't watch the news, he watched the cartoons instead. He watched Tom chase Jerry all over the house and Jerry always getting away from Tom. Then he went for a walk, in the park, again. His day was starting different and the rest of the day would also be different.

He watched the people, the children, the pets, in the park, all having fun, laughing and enjoying themselves. Then he heard a sound. It was a soft sound, and it came from some nearby bushes with red and white flowers. He looked over at the bushes and heard the sound again. He walked to the bushes, listening, hoping to hear the sound again.

Meow, meow, were the soft cries of a kitten. Allen looked into the bushes and found a tiny kitten, black and white, all alone, trapped in the bushes. He helped the little kitten get out of the bushes and he set him on the grass and said, "Okay, there you are, you're free now so you can go home". The kitten just looked up at him and started to purr and rub himself against Allen's legs.

"You need to go to your home little kitten," said Allen. The kitten wasn't going anywhere. Allen walked away to go sit on a bench and the kitten followed him and continued to rub himself against Allen's legs, and purr even stronger.

"What are you doing here?" asked Allen, "You must have a home, the place where you were born. You need to go there so you can be with your mother and your brothers and sisters." Allen had forgotten about the wish he had written in the journal.

Allen continued to sit there and talk to his new friend for some time, then he decided he should go somewhere else and continue his doing nothing. When he started to walk away the kitten followed right behind him, meow, meow, meow, the kitten cried. Allen picked him up and returned him to a place near the bushes where he found him and set him down on the grass, "Now do as I say little kitten, go home to your family".

Allen turned and started to walk away and the kitten followed right behind him. Allen turned and looked and saw the kitten following him, "Oh! Look at you, you don't want to leave me, do you?" He picked up the kitten and the kitten started to purr, and Allen held him close and decided to take him home.

That night when Allen was sitting at his desk getting ready to write in his journal he heard the kitten purring and playing with a ball of string, and Allen had a warm feeling in his heart. He opened his journal to the page to write on and he read the entry from the night before, and he read the words, "Again, another day and no cat, I think the book is lying about wishes". Allen realized that the book wasn't lying, it was true, he wrote his wish for a cat like Tom and he got a cat like Tom.

Wishes can sometimes come true.