56 - The Black Hole

August 25, 2020

I wrote this based on a place I drove through in one of my off-road camping trips in central Washington state.

looking up the trail, looking at the trees
there's a black hole among the many leaves

you know what I think as I get closer?
I move up the trail slower and slower

is it a doorway to another world?
if I go in will I be imperiled?

what could possibly be for me to see?
can it be Tennessee? a sea? a bee?

I'm going in there and I'm going through
maybe on the other side is Peru

I am at the entrance to the black hole
going into the darkness, to my goal

the trail narrows down into a funnel
there's a light at the end of the tunnel

it spits me out into the bright daylight
that wasn't scarey, it wasn't a fright

it's just more of the same, only reversed
I got through it and I got past the worst

I look behind me and what do I see?
A black hole in the trees, among the leaves