37 - Lizard

Nov. 20, 2019

Little lizard on my wall
Please be careful, do not fall

Little feet must be sticky
Don’t walk on me, that’d be icky

A little green, a little brown
Easy to hide on the ground

So very small, so very quick
Tongue grabs mosquito with a flick

I never see you on my ceiling
You must not find it at all appealing

Maybe being upside down
Makes it difficult to get around

Running here and running there
Even running under my chair

I know you live out in the garden
To you I’m prob’ly just a Martian

You’re so small and I’m so big
We can’t dance nor do a jig

Maybe we can have a walk
To the beach and then to talk

Oh, but I forgot, you cannot talk
But I can protect you from the hawk

Oh, little lizard, I think it’s hopeless
The two of us, never much closeness