12 - The Daily Routine

Sept. 7, 2019

Many people are stuck in the day to day rut, the daily routine.
Up at five, home by six, it’s a terrible fix, the daily routine.
We’re always on the go, life’s straight as an arrow, the daily routine.

I lost the meaning of life, always full of strife, my daily routine.
I crossed the world searching, my life only lurching, my daily routine.
I found only heartbreak, it is time to awake, my daily routine.

Look closely at your present with a good intent, your daily routine.
You can improve it if you will only submit, your daily routine.
Forget about the future, break out of your stupor, your daily routine.

Make a new decision, time for a new vision.
Try a diff’rent current, don’t live as a servant.
Break out of your routine, it’s time to start clean.