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915 - A Short Story - Aches-n-Pains

April 22, 2020


By Chip Wiegand

Jackson, an appropriate name for a rock star, you think? This was where he felt at his best, this was his time to be on top of the world. Here he was all smiles, comfortable, even relaxed, unlike the real world, off of this stage, and outside this place. But, only as long as he had a guitar slung around his shoulders or a sax hanging from his neck. Take either of those away and you won't find him up here in front of all those people. Hundreds of people out there looking up at that stage at him and his 5 buddies. They make up Aches‐n‐Pains. An appropriate name for a band of guys in their 40s and 50s. Only about half the spots were on before they start the concert and dance and Jackson could feel the warmth from them already, his whole body was warming up and he was feeling energized by the sounds from the people who came to see the band and dance to their music. It was going to be another night of fun, excitement, sweating musicians, and ear‐splitting noise. And he loved it. He reveled in it. That was where he belonged.

913 - A Short Story - The Garden

April 14, 2020

The Garden

By Chip Wiegand

Her garden. The one place in the world she felt safe, at peace, one with herself and nature. Peaceful, quiet. Colorful, where the colors handed her every imaginable aroma, helping her relax and forget about the life she lived. In the center was a rose tree full of pink roses with just enough shade for her to sit in, protected from the bright sun beating down on her world.

911 - A Short Story - A Kiss on the Beach

March 24, 2020

A Kiss on the Beach

By Chip Wiegand

The beaches are empty these days, what with the pandemic and people being afraid to go outside. And rightly so, for the most part. Yes, stay away from crowds, but it is still okay to go out to natural areas that aren't crowded, and that is what I do. I visit the beach every day, walk barefoot in the warm sand, in the warm water, letting it splash up on me. And me alone, because as I said, the beaches are a lonely place these days.

But then a friend said she wanted to come visit me and she wanted to go to the beach. She said she was tired of staying inside all day every day, she was going stir-crazy.

"Of course you can come over here to visit, I would love that!" I told her. I was really hungry for company.

910 - Quarantine, by José Rodríguez

March 22, 2020

José Rodríguez
"The Puma"

José Rodriguez is an artist from Maracaibo, Venezuela.

You can find the original video in Spanish on many websites by searching for José Rodríguez Cuarentina


909 - Covid-19 Virus

March 21, 2020

The Covid-19 virus is everywhere, and the misinformation is also just a rampant. Here is a summary of a release from the Centers for Diseasesease Control and Prevention. The list of symptons is very short but paying attention to them in relationship to your own health is important.

908 - Arrrgh! I'm going stir crazy!

March 20, 2020

I am getting bored, and I don't usually get bored, doing the same thing all day, day after day, is getting boring.
I need to be active, not sitting in one little studio apartment.
I can't even stand still on a sidewalk for 5 minutes to wait for a bus, I have to walk in the direction towards the bus, or I'll go crazy in just those few minutes.
Maybe I have one of the attention deficit disorders but was never diagnosed, in all my life. Hahahaha
Anyway, this isn't easy - do some exercises, wash some clothes, sheets, the floors, the dishes, watch something downloaded from the internet (I don't have a TV), lay down and listen to music (right now Piano Sonata in D by Shubert), do some more exercises, and repeat it all again, over and over.

906 - Mesmerized

March 17, 2020

The blue is endless,
until it touches the other blue.
The white fluffs come and go,
Sliding across the blue.
The other white fluffs come and go also,
sliding through the other blue.

I'm mesmerized.
I stare, my mind is finally quiet.
I can think of something I haven't thought of in a long time.
The breeze brushes my skin,
and the warmth of the yellow warms me within.
I'm hypnotized.
I pause.