I'm in Tucson!

June 13, 2006

Well, I made it! A 3 day drive in a Ford Ranger, not the most comfortable way to travel, but I made it. And what a trip -

I left the Seattle area (last wednesday) and headed east expecting to spend the first night in the Twin Falls, ID area. I got to about 30 miles west and found a campground for the night at about 9:30pm. As I was unpacking a few things for the night I pulled out of the truck what I thought was my tent, only to discover it was a dining canopy. Shoot! What happened to the tent?

I hadn't brought the big cabin tent becuase it was too big for just myself. Of course the weather was wet, raining, thunder storms, etc. So I drove down the road to the next town and found a store that had just about everything, including dome tents. Got there at 1 minute to 10pm, just as they were closing. They let me in and I bought the tent, went back to the campground and slept, until the very heavy rain dumped and woke me up, about 2 am or so. I eventually gave up on trying to sleep and got in the truck and hit the road, about 4 am. I probably could've made it all the way to Phoenix the same day, thursday, but decided to take the scenic route.

I went south to Vegas and found out just what kind of drivers they are down there! What a bunch of maniacs! They are absolutely nuts on the freeway! Driving on the shoulder seemed to be as common as driving between the white lines, even for tractor-trailor rigs!

I left Vegas heading south taking a westerly route, down to Loughlin and Lake Havasu, because I hadn't seen that area yet. I spent thursday night a ways south of Havasu City, at a rest area on the freeway, I-10. Take my advise - don't try to sleep in the cab of a Ranger, there just isn't any room.

Then it was on to Mesa to visit some friends for a couple hours and then on to Tucson, arriving friday afternoon. The scenery was fantastic along most of the route, the distance about 1600 miles. My back was in much pain.

Everything made it okay except on of my computers - apparently the dvd burner didn't like the trip becuase it decided to die, so I've had to buy a new dvd burner. At least now I can watch movies on my pc, since I don't have a tv, or a couch, or chairs, or bed, or dresser, or anything else for the most part. I have camp tables and chairs, paper plates and cups and plastic table ware. Heheh, camping in the apartment.

So here I am, I have an apartment and am starting on the big hunt - for a job.