Wow, what a week - house sold

June 3, 2006

We put our house for sale last week, went on the listing last thursday evening. Friday morning we had two full price offers, one with an escalation clause. Sold it friday for more than we were asking for. Woohoo!

As some of you know I am in the process of moving, relocating to be exact, to Arizona, from Washington (state). I was planning on using my F250 4x4 to tow a trailor load of stuff to Tucson, then my son would drive it back to WA and sell it, then by himself a van. I figured he could sell it for 3 grand tops (a '92 F250 with a rather beat up bed from off-roading in the mountains and hitting too many trees, heheh).

Anyway, thursday afternoon my wife and I were driving it to the gym when a kid driving an '03 Acura RSX thought he could 'shoot the gap' from a parking lot, across two lanes of traffic and into the lanes on the other side of the road. Well, he didn't make. The front of my truck, big bumper and wrap around brush guard, met him inside his car. I was just moving out from a stop light so not going more the 20, 25 tops when he shot out of the parking lot. I nailed his drivers side door, pretty much smashed the side of his car from front wheel to back wheel. His side air bag blew open, smashing him in the side of the head, which is what sent him to the hospital, apparently having hearing problems. I was told later he would be okay. My wife has bruising from the shoulder belt, across he shoulder and chest. I'm fine.

My truck ended up being considered 'totaled' by the insurance company. The impact pushed the fenders and hood back about a half inch, the grill guard was flush up against the grill, the bumper pushed in and the tires were rubbing on it when I turned the steering wheel. The suspension was messed up as well, one wheel slightly angled the wrong way, alignment thrown way off. So, the insurance company gave me just over 3 grand for the truck, and I was able to keep it.

That same evening, a couple hours later, I'm down the street at the grocery store, in my other sons truck which we are selling (a '70 F250 beater), and am talking to a guy in the parking lot about that truck. I also told him about the accident and he says he wants to look at the truck, maybe buy from me. Guess what? Even with it 'totaled' he paid me 1700 for the truck (voided title becuase of the totaled status). So I end up with $4700 for a truck that probably wouldn't have sold for more than 3 grand.

Heheh. Now we can buy my son a better van than he would have gotten if this hadn't happened. And, the insurance company will give us 3 days rental, which they say should at least cover, partially, the rental of a moving truck to get moved to AZ.

AND that same evening another guy calls me on the cell asking about the beater truck. I look out my window and there he is out there checking out the truck. I walk out there and talk to him, fire up the motor, and he says he'll buy the truck, for $400. Been a wild end to the week.

Can hardly wait to see what next week brings me - I leave on wednesday for AZ in my Ranger 4x4. A 3 day drive. Should be fun.