On building a house

Apr 11, 2006

We are planning on relocating to Tucson, AZ. Time for warmth and sunshine. Been in the Seattle area far too long. Moss is starting to grow on me. I don't want to become a 'mossback' as some call Seattle-ites.

So Cheryl and I have designed a house, the house, the one we are going to build in Tucson. Actually, about a half-hour southwest of Tucson in a subdivision called Diamond Bell Ranch. We've looked at hundreds of plans, online and in books, and decided to design our own floorplan. I have, and it is good. It's a U-shaped house, with a swimming pool in the inside of the U, and the entry at the 'bottom' of the U. There will be a detached garage with a covered 'breezeway' between it and the house. (Not sure if 'breezeway' is the correct term.)

Designing a house, or in our case, a floor plan, is not so easy as one might think. There are many things to consider - which way will doors open, left, right, in, out? What about pocket doors? Bi-fold doors? Sliding Doors or French doors? What about room sizes? And what rooms do we actually need? What do we want? It's been a couple months and we have finally got what appears to be a final floorplan to present to the designer. Now comes the details - windows, finishes, floor coverings, etc etc.

That's just the house, but what about a lot to put it on? We've looked at quite a few on our last trip to Tucson. We've narrowed the choices to four lots. Now I'm heading back down to pick one, to buy. Then we can actually get going on the project.

It's a big learning experience with LOTS to learn, and I'm enjoying every minute of it.