Lay-off, moving, and Easter

Apr 9, 2006

Well, it happened. Friday the 8th, I was layed-off at work. Three 0'clock in the afternoon I'm called into the controllers office, he and the operations manager and I. Turns out my boss new nothing of this before hand. After I was called into the office he was told to lock my computer account. That left him wondering what was going on. When I got back to my desk, he was there waiting, and asked me what was going on. He was completely blind sided by this one.

So what to do? Well, Cheryl and I have been talking of relocating to Tucson, AZ. This will just move our plans up a bit. So I've been sending resume and applications to companies in Tucson hoping to get an interview or two for then weekend I'm down there, the weekend of the 22nd.

Tomorrow is Easter, and I'll be playing sax at church, at both services. I played bass at the Good Friday service the other night. That was a good service, looked like over 200 people were there. Expecting a full house for Easter sunday service.

So with that, happy Easter!