Chongoyape, Perú


Santa Catalina de Chongoyape or simply Chongoyape is located east of Chiclayo, Perú and was founded in 1825. Chongoyape has a population of about 19,000. The town is located at the western edge of the Andes Mountains and has mountains on three sides, the fourth side is a valley loaded with sugar cane, corn, and rice farming. The name Chongoyape comes from the Quechua language and it means 'sad heart'. That is definitely not indicative of the people in the town. When I was out walking all over the town almost every person I passed greeted me.

The history of this town is basically the same as for Chiclayo, my previous blog entry. As for anything for tourists—the town itself has nothing to offer, but outside of town there are places of historical significance to see as well as a natural reserve.

The climate is called a warm dry desert climate. The average daytime high is 26° C (79° F) and the average nightly low is 18° C (65° F). Chiclayo gets 173mm (7 inches) of rain annually, and pretty much all of that falls in February and March. Humidity ranges from 75%-83% year-round.

This is a tiny town with mountains close by, but the town is at the bottom of them so it is mostly flat. The town is generally litter-free and clean. The people are very friendly here. The town has two very small banks and one cash machine, but no supermarket. There are lots of small tiendas, though, and the small central Mercado (marketplace). The central plaza is a pleasant place and quiet because there are few businesses around it. It's a pleasant town but it has nothing to attract tourists or new residents. All of the tourist attractions are outside of the town and easily reached by car, not so much by public transit.