Sevilla, Valle del Cauca, Colombia


Sevilla, Colombia, has a population of about 46,000. The town sits in the north of the Valle del Cauca department at the base of the Central Range (western side) of the Andes Mountains. "Mirador del Valle y del Quindío" means View of the Valley and of Quindo - referring to the Valley Cauca and the department (province) called Quindio, actually just a part of it, of course. Yes, Sevilla has amazing views, being that the town sits on top of a hill with the Valley Cauca on the west side and the entire northern half visible, and the mountains of Quindio to the east. The town is in the foothills so it is very hilly, the average elevation appears to be around 2000 meters, compared to the elevation of the floor of the valley below at around 950 meters.

Sevilla has a short history. The first settlers arrived in the 1880s setting up various camps in the area of the town. Over the next couple of decades, more people arrived and a town formed, and it was founded in 1903.

Sevilla's economy is supported by coffee, plantains, bananas, sugar cane, and citrus fruits, with agriculture and coffee being the biggest parts of its economy. There is some mining activity for gold, copper, mercury, salt, and something called kaolin.

Sevilla has a tropical climate. The average daytime high of 25° C (77° F), and the nightly average low of 16° C (61° F). The city at around 2000 meters (6560 feet). The average yearly rainfall amounts to 7504 mm (295 inches) of rain. The humidity is high, always between 86%-91%.

So, my impressions: Being a young town there is nothing of architectural interest here. The only claim to fame for Sevilla is the spectacular views. The town is generally pleasant, and clean, but is the same as most Colombian towns—loaded with noisy small-engine motorcycles. Right now, this year, there is a large amount of reconstruction happening in the city center in both roads and the main plaza area. The town is easy to walk as long as you don't mind the hills, there are few level roads outside of the city center.