La Union, Valle del Cauca, Colombia


La Unión, Colombia, has a population of about 39,000 in the urban area and about 47,000 in the greater metropolitan area. The town sits in the north of the Valle del Cauca department at the base of the Western Range of the Andes Mountains.

La Unión was settled in 1604, but the written history is sketchy and very thin. Some residents of Toro, the next tiny town north, founded La Unión. It became an official town in 1890. Before the colonizers, the western half of the Valley had been inhabited by the Gorrones. In 1781, there was an uprising against the colonizers, the Spanish. The main square, the central plaza, was planned out in 1796. That was also the year of the official founding of the town.

La Unión's economy is supported by agriculture— mostly grapes, with others such as sugar cane, various fruits, and vegetables. La Unión is also the home to Colombia's largest wine producer, Casa Grajales.

La Unión has a tropical savannah climate, the specific classification Af indicates it has no dry season, and there is significant rainfall throughout the year. The Af classification says every month averages at least 60 mm (2.4 inches) of precipitation. The average daytime high of 27° C (80° F), and the nightly average low of 19° C (66° F). The city at 1200 meters (3900 feet). The average yearly rainfall amounts to 4582 mm (180 inches) of rain. The humidity is high, always between 89%-91%.

So, my impressions: Well, the national park Parque de las Uvas is located here. Right now the central plaza is closed for renovations so the photos I have in the photo album are not current, and I couldn't get a photo of the big town name letters. The town is busy with a decent-sized business district, but nothing stands out. There's nothing here to see, nothing to attract tourists, other than the yearly paragliding championships which are centered out of Roldanillo, about 20 kilometers south. There is one very old church which I found no information about, and it has been closed to the public every time I have visited the town. La Unión is an agricultural town so don't expect to see anything interesting if you pass through.