La Tebaida, Colombia


La Tebaida, Colombia, has a population of about 30,000 in the urban area and about 35,000 in the greater metropolitan area. The town sits in the Quindío department about 20 kilometers south of Armenia. The only thing to mention about La Tebaida is the Armenia Airport sits just outside of the town.

La Tebaida was founded in 1916 by the brothers Pedro Arango Cardona and Luis Enrique Arango Cardona. The brothers chose this particular area to found the town due to its location, they expected that in the future it would be on a major route between cities, and so it has turned out to be. But, before the official founding in 1916, the area had been the home of the brothers. They had a lot of land there and in a short time, they decided to divide the land into 10-hectare blocks. They distributed those to about 60 families, those families then paid the brothers for the land with a portion of their production. The brother Arango decided to set aside a portion of his farm so the tenants could build their houses in a central location. He laid out a street plan that included parks and the plaza, which he located one block from his farmhouse. The sections went on sale in 1916, so that became known as the foundation year for the town. Within a week, 130 sections had been sold for 20 pesos each. They held a competition to choose the name of the settlement. Although more than 1,000 names were suggested, the most popular choice was the original name of the farm - La Tebaida.

La Tebaida's economy is supported by agriculture, livestock, citrus, bananas, and some coffee farms.

La Tebaida has a tropical climate, the specific classification Af indicates it has no dry season, and there is significant rainfall throughout the year. The Af classification says every month averages at least 60 mm (2.4 inches) of precipitation. The average daytime high of 27° C (81° F), and the nightly average low of 18° C (65° F). The city at 1200 meters (3900 feet). The average yearly rainfall amounts to 5523 mm (217 inches) of rain. The humidity is high, always between 85%-92%.

So, my impressions: The town itself is nothing special, just a typical agricultural town like so many others throughout South America. There is nothing to draw tourists,