El Dovio, Colombia


El Dovio, Colombia, has a population of about 5,000 in the urban area and about 8500 in the greater metropolitan area. The town sits in the northwestern part of the Valle Del Cauca in the center Andes Mountains' western range.

El Dovio was founded in 1936. Three different stories tell of the town's history, any one could be true, or none. What is known for certain is that Benjamín Perea Caicedo and José María Murillo founded the town in 1936. El Dovio is an agricultural town, the main economic factors are coffee, various other crops, and the services in town, as well as a healthy tourist trade.

El Dovio has a warm temperate climate. The average daytime high of 23° C (73° F), and the nightly average low of 15° C (59° F). The city is at 1434 meters (4705 feet). The average yearly rainfall amounts to 4582 mm (180 inches) of rain. The humidity is high, always between 89%-91%.

So, my impressions: The town itself is quite small, I walked almost every street in the town in about two and a half hours, for a total of 12 kilometers. I could've finished the remaining roads in probably another half-hour but decided to head home, the mini-bus ride is about a half-hour. The small town has four small grocery stores and just about every kind of shop you could need, a couple of gas stations, and a hospital. There is a park with the town church at one side, and the town plaza a couple of blocks from there. The town center is a busy place with several bars, restaurants, hotels, and quite a few bakeries, and a couple of them are quite large with many tables. That is surprising for such a small town. It's a nice town to visit if you happen to be in the northern part of the Valle del Cauca.