December 26, 2021

Hi, This year I spent Christmas Eve day, Christmas, and the day after in the pueblo Filandia. Take a look at the pics in the photo album. It's a beautiful pueblo. And the climate is a bit on the cold side, at least for me.

The reason I went to Filandia was that here where I live, in a closed neighborhood outside of Roldanillo, Colombia, they were going to have a party. They hired a DJ and I just didn't want a Christmas like that. I prefer a quiet Christmas.

I found a hostel outside of Filandia, only a 10-minute walk from the center of town, and the people there wrote to me that they had no plans for any kind of loud celebration. There are pics of the hostel in the photo album.

On Christmas day I did a hike to the Barbas River. The round trip was about 12 kilometers (7 1/2 miles). The hike to the river was pretty much all downhill, and some of it quite steep. Filandia sits at about 1900 meters elevation (about 6230 feet). The river is at about 1500 meters (4940 feet). I don't know how accurate the Google Earth elevation profile is, but it shows some parts of the hike were more than 30% incline/decline. That seems unrealistic to me, but there were parts that were definitely on the extreme side for a "road" that actually gets used occasionally. Parts of the "road" were too rocky for anything other than jeeps and similar vehicles. The hike was well worth the effort, the area is beautiful and peaceful.

As beautiful as it was there in Filandia, it's too cold for me. I much prefer a warmer temp that doesn't require a coat at night, and here in Roldanillo, and this part of the Valle del Cauca, is that kind of climate. The temps are generally in the low to mid-80s F to the low-60s at night. It's as close to perfect as possible, I think.