Welcome to the Wiegand home page!

Apr 4, 2006

Hi and welcome! What we have here is a simple web site of stuff we are interested in, and willing to share with the world.

For example, we have posted a photo gallery of places we have visited - quite a few national parks, state parks and others.

I have information about online racing, I am in a league called GTR Endurance League. I will be writing reviews of the various tracks, hopefully one a month, or thereabouts. I have something like 120 tracks installed.

I will include some information on Linux and Joomla! the cms (content management system) I use on my site.

Who are we? I am Chip, my wife is Cheryl, and we have two sons - David and Austin.

My work is in computers. I was a Network Manager for 7 years before being layed off. I am also a musician. I play tenor and alto sax, clarinet, guitar (electric and accoustic), bass guitar, a little piano and mandolin. I have played bass guitar in a 3-piece rock band, we did only originals, had about a dozen or so songs. That band played at a couple youth clubs but didn't do much else. Then I played bass guitar in a country band, but left it when the leader decided to go a differant route from which he originally told me he was taking the band. Then I joined a community concert band and jazz band, playing tenor sax. Shortly after joining those bands I started playing for a Mexican band, playing tenor and alto sax and clarinet. That band lasted a year or so. Some of us in that band formed a new band, still playing Mexican music. We had a 9 piece band and were doing quite well, playing at least 3 gigs per month throughout the Puget Sound region and in central Washington. That band was a lot of fun to play in. After a couple years the drummer and bass player quit. That was the end of that band. I really miss playing Mexican music. We played Cumbia, Banda, Quebradita, Zapatiado, and Rancheras styles of music.

Cheryl works in the mortgage industry doing loan funding. She has also worked the loan processing and other areas of the mortgage loan industry . She is not a musician, but supports my music habit. She enjoys Renassaince Fairs and Star Wars fan stuff.

David is working, most of the time, in painting or landscaping. He is also a musician - playing guitar (electric and accoustic) and drums.

Austin is in college studying music. He is a top percussionist and pianist. He especially enjoys mallet percussion. He wants to be a music teacher and to play in a large symphony orchestra. He enjoys writing music, mostly 'classical' style pieces. He has written some for string quartet and mallet percussion.