580 - New lessons added - Word Pairs Practice 1

2020-06-30 10:17:46

I added new lessons that will help you with your pronunciation of the vowels. They use word pairs for you to practice speaking and listening.

These files are good for several forms of practice - listening, reading, vocabulary, and spelling. But most of all - pronunciation of the many vowel sounds.

The .pdf files include audio clips so the sizes of the files are large, more than 4 megabytes. Please allow time for them to fully download.

These are the first 4 in a series that will explore all the vowel sounds.

You need Flash Player for this series of lessons. Adobe Acrobat Reader does not include Flash.

  1. Visit the Adobe Flash Player Download page - for Windows | for Mac.
  2. Click Install Now. The Flash Player installer is downloaded to your computer.
  3. Open or double-click the downloaded file to begin the installation.
  4. Follow onscreen instructions to complete the installation.

Note: At this time I have tested these files in Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Explorer 11, and they have played the embedded audio ONLY in Explorer 11, and that testing was done after I updated my Flash to the latest version. These results do NOT match the information found on many websites that talk about using embedded audio in .pdf files. So, if they work for you, great, if not, try downloading the file and running it from your hard drive. And hope the audio works.

If you can't get the audio clips to work in the .pdf files here are links to download the files.