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Dec 3, 2022 - Check out the photos of Ecuador. I upload new photos almost every day. I'm finished with the northern interior and the very cold Andes Mtns. I'm now on the Pacific coast in the town of San Vicente. The past 2 nights I was in Canoa, check out the photo album!

Mtn biking (and hiking) the King Canyon Trail

Sept 10, 2008

Mtn biking in the Tucson Mtns on the King Canyan Trail.

Today I did a Mtn Bike and Hike on the King Canyon Trail. I found out tonight that mtn bikes are not allowed on the trails inside Saguaro National Park. The trailhead is in the county park, the trail then goes into the national park, where mtn bikes are not allowed. Oh well. I did it and it was a great ride/hike.

Type: Mixed - uphill, downhill, beginner, intermediate

Level: Intermediate

San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park

Feb 12, 2008

The San Diego Wild Animal Park.

We recently made a trip to San Diego for a few days, and visited the San Diego Zoo and the Wild Animal Park. As well as a quick visit to Cabrillo National Monument. There are around 200 pictures in the Photo Album from this trip, take a look.

On our first full day in San Diego we visited the San Diego Zoo. It's about 100 acres of incredible hiking, so give yourself plenty of time to see it all.

Recent vist to Organ Pipe National Park and more

Jan 3, 2008

Cheryl and I at Organ Pipe National Park.

We just visited Organ Pipe National Pipe yesterday, there are pics in the Photo Album, check 'em out. We drove the shorter of the two loop drives, and the one that is said to be the more scenic. What a fantastic place, the organ pipe cactus are something you just have to see. We'll have to go back and spend a little more time exploring the hiking trails and the longer loop.

Off road trip to Chivo Falls

July 16, 2007

Chivo Falls was more like Chivo Drip.

What a great trip! 3 rigs headed for Chivo Falls, east of Tucson in the foothills of the Rincon Mtns. The trail is rated at 3.0 to 3.5 on a 5 scale, so is at the beginning of the difficult level as 4x4 trails go. It was a bit of a stretch for my stock Ranger STX 4x4, but I wanted to see if I and it could handle this level of trail.

Jim and Dave were in Jim's heavily modified '73 FJ40.

Tony and Brian were in Tony's lightly modified '85 CJ7. And I in my '88 Ranger 4x4.

Driving around the Huachuca Mtns

June 30, 2007

Parker Lake in the Huachuca Mtns in southern Arizona.

Today Cheryl and I went for a drive. We headed southeast, through Sonoita then east to Parker Canyon Lake. The drive out there is quite nice, and much cooler than the temps in Tucson. The trip is an uphill climb over the miles and the scenery changes dramatically - no more sajuaro cactus, no barrel cactus, few prickley pear and choila as well. The land changes to grassland, as well as lots of mesquite trees, sycamore, junipers, oak and pine trees as you go around the mountains.