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Waiting No Longer

May 18, 2020
Path in the Cienaga Nature Reserve in Southern Arizona, September, 2010

A new poem - Waiting No Longer
by Chip Wiegand

Sitting here waiting, waiting for?
A message in a bottle?
To press harder on the throttle?

Sitting here waiting, waiting for?
A wish from a falling star?
A ride to a better place in a boxcar?

Sitting here waiting, waiting no longer,
For a message in a bottle,
For a wish upon a falling star.

Courage, my heart, it's time to be strong,
Brace yourself, don't fear being wrong,
You know it's with her you belong.

Say the words, soft and gentle,
To my life and my heart, you have been instrumental,
Being with you is transcendental.

Your Friend

May 16, 2020
beach sunset silhouette
A poem - Your Friend.

Shadows are gone, disappered from sight
by the growing of the night

What should I do? Where should I go?
These things, how can I know?

Coconuts, papayas, mongoes, and bananas
They'll never abandon us.

As those and the wind and the rain will never end
I will always be your loving friend.

Me on the old Muelle (dock)

Chip Wiegand

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I teach english as a foreign language in Colombia. I'm from Kennewick, Washington, USA. In my previous life, as I call it, I was an IT guy, systems administrator, computer tech, as well as a shipping/receiving guy and also worked as a merchandising guy for a year for a camping/RV accessories store.

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