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Apr. 12, 2024

I'm in Huancayo, Perú.

Huancayo, Perú



Huancayo, Perú, sits at an elevation of 3259 meters (10,692 feet) in a high mountain valley called Mantaro Valley. The greater metropolatin area has a population of around 380,000 people, making it the fifth most populous city in Perú. Huancayo is the cultural and commercial center for all of the central Andes Mountains communities. Being so very high in the sky at more than 10 thousand feet it is also quite chilly. Yes, daytime highs reach the low 70s for a couple of hours, but beyond that, it's downright cold. During a few months of the year the night temps drop to near zero. I don't do well in such cold climates so I spent only two nights here, as I did in the previous mountain towns/cities I have visited.

Mazamari, Perú



Mazamari, Perú, sits at an elevation of 664 meters (2180 feet) pretty much in the center of Perú.The economy is supported mostly with cacao, coffee, and based on what I have seen around town - oranges. I wrote about Mazamari after my previous visits, the first post is dated February 18, 2023 and the second was posted on July 27, 2023, so I won't be writing a lot this time.

Oxapampa, Perú



Oxapampa, Perú, sits at an elevation of 1814 meters (5951 feet) at the center of Perú. This region is called Selva Alta, or High Jungle. The economy is supported mostly by raising cattle and growing coffee. This little town has countless tour agencies and coffee shops, which serve locally grown coffee. The Huancabamba River runs through the middle of the city, which is in a small valley.

La Merced, Perú



La Merced, Perú. This was my second visit to La Merced, and for this journey, the first rain I've seen since before leaving Colombia back on March 2. I wrote a full blog about La Merced on Feb. 13, 2023. This time my visit is a stopover halfway between Lima and Oxapampa. I hate long bus rides, meaning any bus ride longer than six hours. The bus ride from Lima to Oxampampa is more than twice that.

Tarma, Perú



Tarma, Perú was founded in 1875. Tarma has a population of around 44,000. The town sits at the bottom of a valley high in the Andes Mountains in central Perú. The Tarma River runs through the town. The town, while sitting on a valley floor, also sits at an elevation of 3053 meters (10,016 feet) so it is a bit on the chilly side here at night.