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Dec 3, 2022 - Check out the photos of Ecuador. I upload new photos almost every day. I'm finished with the northern interior and the very cold Andes Mtns. I'm now on the Pacific coast in the town of San Vicente. The past 2 nights I was in Canoa, check out the photo album!

Canoa, Ecuador

Dec 3, 2022


Canoa, Ecuador, is well known for it surf conditions, beaches, and paraglyding opportunities. I don't surf, but what I've heard is that the 10-mile long beach has a perfect break (whatever that means) for beginners and great surf swells (again, I have no idea what this is about), all year round. Canoa is a tiny town of maybe 7000 residents. There is no supermarket and no ATM, for those you have to drive/bus/taxi south about 15 kilometers to San Vicente. I noticed that while getting fresh fruit was no problem, as there is much grown in that region of Ecuador, getting good, fresh vegies in Canoa was not so easy.

Pedernales, Ecuador

Nov. 30, 2022


Pedernales, Ecuador, a beach town with a population of around 22,000. Back in April 2016 much of the town was leveled by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake. Much of the town has been rebuilt. Though there was the sidewalk I walked on, alongside the old cemetary, that appeared to be still in its earthquake condition, as did the cemetary (see the photo in the photo gallery). That earthquake killed at least 233 people and injured another 580. There were more than 135 aftershocks, some of which registered as high as 5.6. There were reports of it being felt all the way into Colombia.

El Carmen, Ecuador

Nov. 27, 2022


El Carmen, Ecuador, a pueblo between Quito and the Pacific coast. The town has a population of around 47,000 and sits at a low elevation of around 240 meters. Because it's only about 35 kilometers from Santo Domingo it is considered a bedroom town of SD. It's a relatively new town, founded at the beginning of the 20th century, so there's nothing particularly historical here. In fact, there's nothing particularly picturesque here, as you can see in the photos in my photo album. This part of the country is mostly used for agriculture, particularly bananas. Apparently, there are a few places to see but they are a ways outside of town and would require a car, taxi, or possibly a bus to get to them.

Santo Domingo, Ecuador

Nov. 25, 2022


Santa Dominica, Ecuador, founded in 1861. About 150 kilometers directly west and across the mountains from Quito, and a much, much better climate. The full name of the city is Santo Domingo de los Colorados. It is the fourth largest city in Ecuador with close to half-million population. The word "colorado" mean "dyed," which is what the indigenous men of this area did with their hair—they dyed it with an extract from the achiote plant. You may know it as "annatto," which gives a red-orange color to the hair. it is also used for food coloring.

Quito, Ecuador

Nov. 23, 2022


Quito, Ecuador—sits at around 2850 meters, which is a very high 9350 feet in elevation. If you have no experience with that kind of elevation I can attest to this fact—breathing is noticeably strained, especially when doing any form of exercise, even walking up an incline. Quito is the second highest capital city in the world. La Paz, Bolivia, is the highest (1100 meters higher than Quito, quite a significant amount). The average afternoon maximum temperature is 21.4°C (70.5°F), and the average night-time minimum temperature is 9.8°C (49.6°F). And, because of its altitude, Quito receives some of the greatest solar radiation in the world, so getting a sunburn is incrediby easy, even on cloudy days.