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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Do you have a Google account? Most likely. Are you logged into right now? Most likely, again. Even if you are not using google, even if you are not using your computer and browsing the web, are you still logged into that account? Google tracks everything you do that is internet related - from your computer, your phone, your tablet, whatever device you are using. If you are logged into your google account, it is saving a history of what you are doing. What about photos? It knows about them as well. And it can tie them together with your browsing history.

It might be a good idea to take a look at what google knows about you. Not because you don't trust them. Not because you are a privacy freak. Because they know more about you than you realize.

How do you check up on the data they know about you? Easy.
1. Go to your google account home page
2. scroll down to the Account History section
3. click on the Manage Activity link
1.1 or go to and click on the menu icon in the top left corner next to the search box then click on History at the bottom of the menu
4. review all the info
At this point you can say "so what?" and leave, or you can delete some or all of the data they have stored. And when you are not needing google don't be signed in to it. And the only time you need to be signed in is when you are checking email. Better yet, don't use google email, or any other google services. There are plenty of other options available that do not store your personal data.

I have two more new students signed up this week. Yay! The only downside is they, like most of the others, will be paying lesson-by-lesson. I have 2 students that pay on a monthly basis, only two. Those two people get a ten percent discount, the others do not. I would really like more paying monthly, but I will take what I can get. It's just much harder to manage money when it just dribbles in a little each day. Oh well.

Back at the beginning of June I wrote about a big thunderstorm and lots of rain, and I wrote that I hoped it would mean an early rainy season. I was wrong. It's been almost 2 months since I wrote that, and today we got our first rain since that rain at the beginning of June. No early start to the rainy season, and if it's like it has been in the past, it will be a dismal and short rainy season.

My learning of spanish is still progressing, slowly, but progressing nonetheless. I spend my day doing english related stuff, not just with my students but here at home - writing materials for lessons, occasionally working on the grammar book and occasionally working on the website. But the more students I get the less time I have to do anything about learning spanish. I do have a new friend, not a student, and she does not speak english, so with her I am forced to use the little spanish I know and forced to remember the spanish that is in my brain but I just don't readily remember, because of a lack of use. So being with her occasionally helps with the progress.

That's about all for now, till next time, take care!


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