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Rainy season has arrived, finally

28 July, 2014

Hi everybody! I hope all are doing well. I am.

It had to arrive eventually - rainy season. A bit late, but coming on strong. Finally. All this entire year we've had only a half-dozen rains and all only a few minutes of light rain. This week the heavens broke loose. And it has been raining quite a lot, and quite heavily. A couple days ago I was on a bus going across town when the street was suddenly a river. And I mean suddenly. I was sitting by the window and saw the flash flood coming down the road towards the bus. Just a minute before that though there was a loud explosion, like a transformer blowing, but I didn't see anything. Across the street was a police station and some cops came out and were looking up and down the road, looking for something that might have made such a noise. Within a minute after that explosion the flood came down the road. The water appeared to be about 2 feet deep (about 60cm). The cars ahead of the bus immediately made u-turns and headed onto the side streets, the bus I was on and the one ahead of it both continued forward, up hill, against the water, but then at the next block they both turned off onto the side street as well. As we were moving upstream I saw a guy on a motorcycle get washed over onto his side. Some guys on the sidewalk helped him out of the rushing water, and a couple other guys grabbed his motorcycle and pulled it up onto the sidewalk. So now the buses are off their route, so they appeared to want to go around the block to get back on their proper route, but that next road was also flooded. So they went up another block and then were finally able to get back to where they wanted to be. That water came down the road very fast. And just now, the rain is pouring down very heavy. I'll be leaving work in a while, hopefully the rain will stop before I leave. Guess I won't be walking home today, unless the rain stops, but I can hear it again, it's getting heavy again now.

On my way to work earlier this week I heard some sounds of birds in the top of a tree, they sounded a little familiar. My neighbors have two parrots. I saw 4 or 5 parrots up in the top of a tree. Other people also stopped to watch them. Those are the first I've seen here. Apparently they do live here, out in the wild, but they are green, like the leaves of the trees, and hard to see.

Here at work at Kal Tire they finally got the paperwork submitted for my work visa, yay! I don't know if they sent the money for the fee, but at least the papers have been submitted.

I have three more private students. They just started this past week. Yay! And I've gotten many inquiries from a couple advertisements I placed on a couple web site classifieds, these new students came from one of those ads. Hopefully a couple more will want me to teach them english. I still have room in my schedule for a couple more students.

The english web site is coming along quite well. I have made big changes to it. I have units 1 and 2 completed for levels 1 and 2, and unit 1 completed for level 3. It's slow progress, but it is progress.

That's all I can think of right at the moment. Take care everybody!


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