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Fixed refrigerator, english learning web site and more

30 July 2014

Hi everybody! I hope all are doing well. I am. It's been a long time since the last blog I posted, sorry about that.

My niece Nicole got married this past week. Congratulations Nicole and TJ! I hope and pray for all the best for the both of you!

I finally have a working refrigerator. Took a couple repair guys a couple visits to get it fixed, but now it's working better than ever. Yay!

The menu link above, English, has been changed. It now points to my new English learning site. I have it ready to go for public use. At this time I have unit 1 of levels A1, A2 and B1 (beginner, elementary and pre-intermediate) completed. I will add some quizzes and test to those units in time, but so far I just wanted to get the basic units completed and online. They are meant to be used by a person who is learning english as a second/foreign language and needs some additional help or resources. I will be starting on unit 2 for the three levels, and in time be expanding them to 12 units in all. In level A1 there are parts, mostly the instructional parts, that have spanish translations (translated by google, which is not very good, but probably be the best of the online translators), and the site is set up in such a way that I can add other translations easily. I have done this in level A1 only, as by the time a person reaches level A2 they should have no problem reading and understanding the instructions. I hope this site will be a useful resource to many people, both here in Colombia and anywhere in the world.

Oh, last year, shortly after arriving here, I wrote about trees. Most of the typical street trees, shade trees, are mango trees. Well, there are also many almond trees all over the city used for shade trees also. There are also banana trees and coconut trees here in the city, not used as shade trees, obviously, as they don't really provide much shade, but they are quite common.

Parakeets. Lots of them. I mean lots of them as in thousands. Filling trees, making lots of noise. Unbelievable amount of noise. In all my life I have only seen parakeets in cages in homes or in pet shops. I never thought about where they come from, never thought about them at all. They're just birds people have for pets. Here in Barranquilla they are common, just as common here as robins are in the US. While out for a walk with Vivi we came along a street that had thousands of parakeets in the trees, I just stopped to watch them and listen to them. That was really cool.

This next paragraphs are from my last blog, because on those subjects there have been no changes -

Here in Colombia, in Barranqilla, it has now rained 4 times. This year. And each time it lasted for less than 15 minutes. Pretty unbelievable, I know, after all, isn't this a tropical country? Yes. But here in Barranquilla it is a sub-tropical/temperate region. Otherwise it has been as it is all year round - warm, around 90 in the day, and not-quite-so warm, around 80, at night. Sure some days are a bit on the humid side, but that's no different than many places in the US.

My work is going fine, still working with the 20 employees at Kal Tire. I did have a couple private students, but after a couple weeks they stopped, said they can't afford the lessons. That's par for the course.

I have been sending emails out to companies/organizations/schools in other cities here in Colombia in the hope of finding a better paying job as an English teacher. But so far have had no replies from any of them.

Life is going well here overall, I like it here in Colombia. My spanish is slowly improving, because I use english all the time I don't get to practice spanish much.

That's all I can think of right at the moment. Take care everybody!


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