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English pages and Web site registration

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Hi Everyone! I hope all are doing well. I am.

I am still trying to save up my money to pay for my web site registration. The site registration will expire in early May. I hope that some of the people who enjoy reading my ramblings about life my new life in Colombia will see it in their hearts to help me with the cost of the registration. There is a paypal link on this page, you don''t need a paypal account to make a donation. Every little bit helps. The site registration fee also covers the email addresses used by

I am looking into a different web hosting server, one that will cost less money. Not that $140 a year is a lot. Yeah, 140, not the $110 that I posted previously. Turns out Network Solutions has raised the rate. But moving the site to another hosting service is never easy. The other service says it will all be done by them and there will be no problems. I can only hope. I''ve run my own web server in the past. I know what is involved, especially when there is a database involved, as with my web site. But will that happen in the next two weeks? I don''t know. I hope.

As mentioned in my last blog - I am working on a new section of the site - a place for my English class worksheets. It is now available, as you can now see the new menu link. These will be publicly available and free. I am putting them up here first of all for the benefit of my students, so they can come to my site and download the worksheets when they need them. But of course that will depend on keeping the site online. I have the worksheets in MS .docx format on my computer, but on the web they will be available in .docx and .pdf formats, and viewable on the site formatted as web pages. Some of these are a ton of work getting converted to .html for the web browser, but in the end will be worth the effort. Have a look, take the quizes, see how well you do.

Also mentioned in my last blog - I was talking with a man in Bucaramanga about a job teaching in that city. He said he had the money available to sponsor me for my work visa but that the money was not in his bank account, it was elsewhere. I haven''t heard back from him. Then there was also a guy in Bogota who said he had a position open for a teacher, we talked a bit, then again, no word from him either. Why is this you might wonder? It''s because my visa is expired. To fix that means paying a penalty fee. I don''t know the exact amount - but was told it would not be over about $400US. Oh well. I am working at Kal Tire, maybe someday they will do what they said they would do - sponsor me for my work visa. I hope.

Till next time - Chao!

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