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Monday February 24, 2014

I hope you are doing well. I am doing fine, my job is going fine.

This past weekend my friend Vivi and I went to the Guacherna parade for Carnaval and it did not turn out to be a very good evening. First we arrived too late to get anywhere near the parade so we couldn't see any of the parade, and we walked to every access location along the route. The crowds were so huge there was no way to squeeze in anywhere near the parade. She said there were more people there than she has ever seen. I was carrying her wallet in my pocket along with my wallet and passport.Then to make matters worse someone stole her wallet out of my pocket. We think it happened when someone sprayed me with some foam stuff, completely soaking the back of my head and neck. They probably used that as a distraction. We spend the entire morning saturday with banks and police, getting bank cards cancelled and a police report filed. She said she didn't really want to go to the parade but did go with me, and I felt so bad about her wallet being stolen out of my pocket. Consequently she also missed half a day of work saturday morning because of all the running around we had to do.

This next weekend is the big parades, the main Carnaval events. Vivi will be working on saturday so she will miss the parade. Saturday is the Batalla de Flores (Battle of the Flowers) parade, the main event for the Carnaval. Sunday is the Gran Parada de Tradicion. On next Monday is the Festival de Orquestas, that is something I most certainly want to see - many bands of all types from all over the Caribbean region. The Festival de Orquestas is what I am most interested in seeing.

I haven't decided yet if I will go. if I do I will have to secure my wallet/passport in my pockets so they can't be stolen. maybe use safety pins or duct tape. I do want to see the parade, but not if it means getting pick-pocketed again.

This is copied from the wikipedia page -

"The Carnival starts on the Saturday before Ash Wednesday with the Battle of the Flowers, which is the most important event of the carnival. The Battle of the Flowers is a traditional float parade composed of the greatest and most colorful creations. Approximately, is a six hour show of floats and it is led by the Carnival Queen followed by folk dances, musicians, dance groups, costumed groups, marchers, disguises and fire breathers. The audience can enjoy all the carnival characters here.

Sunday of Carnival is when the Great Parade takes place. It is considered a day of mask and disguises because floats are not present this day. Different dance groups compete against each other for the coveted prize of performing in the Battle of the Flowers the following year.

Monday is marked by an Orchestra Festival, with Caribbean and Latin bands from early afternoon until early Tuesday. The Festival involved various categories and groups that compete for the coveted Golden Congo.[3] The Fantasy Parade is also presented on Monday, and it is a very colorful parade in which all kinds of customs are seen."

There is a Facebook page for the Carnaval - and a website -

The Barranquilla Carnaval is the second biggest Carnaval in the world, with the Rio Carnaval being the only one bigger.

If I go to any of the parades I will try to get some pics with my phone-camera. I sure do miss my dslr!

Till next time, chao!

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