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New Year 2014

8 January 2014

I'm back. I should have written sooner but have been busy, which is a good thing. So I last left you with mentioning about the english presentations here at work. The presentation day came and people were busy practicing and discussing what they were doing for their own presentation. There were a couple people who did karaoki, and a couple who did a family tree presentation. There weren't as many as I had expected, but what was done was good. The family tree presentation was done by the group of absolute beginners. They have a very limited knowledge of english still, we have covered basic greetings and family members, numbers/alphabet. They did a great job. I was very proud of their presentation. The people who sang songs did a good job, but just not what I was hoping for, as singing does not display one's comprehension or grasp of what they have learned. But it did show they have improved in pronounciation.

New Years Eve was spent with my friend Vivi. It was nice. We had a quiet evening at my apartment. We cooked stir fry and watched a movie. At midnight, or actually shortly after, we went outside for a short walk and watch some people burn an effigy. They call this Aņo Viejo - they make a stuffed person, kind of like a scare crow in the US, in corn fields, and they put a sign on it with the year, the current passing year. They place fireworks on the effigy. Then at midnight they light the fireworks and burn it in the street. That is a way of sending off the past year and bring in the new year. We went to see this activity but got to one a bit late, as it was just about all burned up by the time we got to it. Though many people do this all over the city, we simply left my apartment too late to view it from the start.

Well, 2014 is here! I am looking forward to what this year will bring, I hope you are too.

By the way - the photo albums are up and loaded with pictures. Some from here in Barranquilla, and many of my older pictures from all over the western US.

Till next time - chao!

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