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Christmas and company parties

28 Deciembre 2013

The photo album is working now, yay! Be sure to check it out.

I didn't do a very good job of keeping track of things to write about, so I am just going from what I can remember this time.

Lets see, Kal Tire had a party at a place called Zunilda ( It was very nice. I have some pics in the Barranquilla photo album. We had a very nice lunch, dancing, swimming for the kids, paddle boats on the pond.

Here at Kal Tire we also had a church service, in the tire shop. This is a big tire shop - they do tires/alignments for everything from cars to tractor-trailor rigs. And of course have to store the big tires for the mining equipment. Anyway, the church service was to close out 2012 and bring in 2013, and there was lots of preaching about 'family'. Kal Tire takes that seriously, it's not just a word they flip around to look good. Of course it was catholic as most Latin Americans are catholic. After the service we had a nice dinner and some gifts to give out from drawing names. There are pictures in the photo album.

On christmas day I finally met one of the women I have been talking to for many months online. Her name is Vivi, we met on a web site called last spring, before I came to Colombia. Since then we had not been able to get a time together to meet. Finally on christmas day we did. It was great! We went to the zoo (pictures in the photo album). It's a small zoo but it was fun. Then we walked to one of the malls and walked around in it, then had pizza for a late lunch, walked some more, then walked back to her apartmento. And we had a great evening together. This was the best christmas I have had in years. We're spending New Years together also.

In the photo album you will see some pics of a very big nativity scene at one of the local malls. It's life size and must be something like 50 feet wide. When Vivi and I were there getting pictures some kids were there getting pics also, and they were listening to us talking and joking around, and the young girls, maybe 10-12 years old, wanted a picture with me, so I obliged. They thought that was great. I will post more pics when I get some off Vivi's phone.

Here they do not have the issues with people complaining about 'religious' symbols such as a nativity, in public places. There are nativities in just about every park, in every mall I've been in, and in people's yards. The ones in the parks are made by the people living around the park. There are a few pics in the album of one of the park nativities, one I walk by every day on my way to/from work.

Christmas music. In the US there is so much of it from Thanksgiving until Christmas that you get sick of the stuff, it's going 24/7 for a month. Her there are a few christmas songs mixed in with the regular music. That doesn't mean they don't take christmas any less seriously than people in the US though, on the contrary, they may take it even a bit more seriously, more 'religously', and a bit less commercial. It's a nice change. I tried to get pics of some of the lighting decorations but my old Blackberry camera is just no good for night pictures. I think there's a couple in the album.

This morning, in a little while, here at Kal Tire we are going to start english presentations. Each class has to do a presentation to show how much they have learned. Should be quite interesting, I will write about it later.

Till next time - chao!

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