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-- Mark Twain

Moved into my new apartment!

9 Deciembre 2013

I got moved in to my new apartment today! Yay! It's an old apartment but I don't care, it's mine. And it's an actual apartment, not a storage room trying to be an apartment. And the landlord lowered the rent from $350.000 COP per month to $300.000 COP. (COP is Colombian Pesos. Just a bit under 2000 COP per dollar. So my rent is just a bit under $150 US per month. Notice the "$" is also the Peso sign, not just dollars.) It is not the one I mentioned previously, the one just a five minute walk from the office. This one is a little further away, just a 25 minute walk to work. It is a 1 bedroom apartment - bedroom/bathroom/living room/kitchen/patio and big front porch area. I need to buy a table and chairs, a cabinet or two, a cook top (just a 2 burner will do for me), and dishes/cups/silver wear etc etc. Payday is coming and I will be able to buy a few of the things, the rest will have to wait for the next payday, and the next after that,etc etc. Another good thing about this one is the neighborhood is much quieter. No more volume wars by at least 4 different guys with stacks of speakers out front of their apartments, all within a 2 block radius of my old apartment. This past weekend was unbearable. My apartment floor and bed and walls were vibrating from the boom-boom-boom noise.

Oh and get this - Kal Tire has given me a bed, and a small refrigerator and AN LG 32" LCD TV! Unbelievable!

That's all for now, have to wash some clothes, by hand, I'm out of money until payday. Oh well, no big deal. The only hard part is ringing out the water from the jeans.

Till next time - chao!

I just had a visit from a couple guys from work - they brought me a brand new fan, a floor stand fan, and a new iron! I don't know how to use the iron, but will learn. I guess my wrinkly shirts were a dead giveaway that I didn't have one.

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