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Land of the free, and another apartment opportunity

4 December 2013

Nov 28th, Thanksgiving, here at Kal Tire we had a thanksgiving lunch - the company signed a very big contract with a multinational mining company. So everyone here went to a restaurant for lunch. It was very nice, a big fancy restaurant called Las Vegas.

Then one day when I was riding the bus to work another man gets on and instead of sitting down he stood at the front and started preaching to the riders on the bus. Nobody said anything, not even the driver, they just let him preach. The entire ride to work he was standing and preaching, and when I got off he was still going.

The other day, the 2nd, I stopped at a bakery on my way home from work to eat dinner. I'm sitting at a sidewalk table, watching people walk by, and a boy, maybe 9 or 10 years old, comes running up to a Catholic statue/shrine thing, I don't know what it is called. They are in every barrio. Anyway, this boy comes running up to it, stepped up the two steps and started praying, he prayed for a couple minutes, then crossed himself. Meanwhile a man and woman walk by, and when the boy finished he ran up to catch up with them, they were all together. I thought now that is really cool. The boy wanted to stop and pray, and not silently, in public, without regard of anybody seeing or hearing him. The woman happened to turn around and saw me, and smiled as she put her arm around the boys' shoulders.

Today, the 4th, I was walking more streets looking for any apartments with for rent signs, and came across one with just such a sign! I almost walked right by it, I took a second look, and sure enough, an apartment with a for rent sign In the window. I saw the was open so I knocked and went on in, there were 3 people inside the empty apartment, so I spoke to one of them and she and I understood each other well enough for me to look at the apartment, find out the amount of the rent (350,000 pesos), and then talk to the man who is renting the place (he was at work). I spoke to him and then went to his business, he has his own auto repair shop, and we talked a while. In the morning he will call Kal Tire to verify my job, and it turns out he knows one of the guys that works there. The apartment will be available for me to move into, at this point that is an assumption obviously, on Friday afternoon. I am so looking forward to getting into a proper apartment. I have no furniture to put in it. No refrigerator. No stove. Nothing but me, my clothes and my laundry basket. But that is ok, at least I will be out of this storage room/apartment and out of this noisy neighborhood. Plus it is much closer to my work.

Oh, yeah, apartments here do not have a fridge or a stove, or anything. So now I will have to save up some money, well, a lot of money, to start buying those things. Only part of this that is a drag is the amount of money needed to get in - two months rent. He wants 700.000 pesos, I have 650.000. I don't doubt he will accept what I have, but it will leave me with no money at all until next payday. At least I get lunch provided for me by Kal Tire, so I won't starve.

I will update in a day or two, when I am sure of the apartment situation.

Till next time - Chao!

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