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Some good news and some sad news

Thursday, 7 Nov 2013

Bringing you up to date - my finger that was cut up in the fan is healing with only a couple minor scars that I expect will be gone in the not too distant future. The finger nail is generally ok, I still have it, but there is one ugle area that is right by the quick. I expect that as the nail grows out over time that bit will eventually make it to the end and be clipped away.

About the apartment situation - I have a line on a possible house sitting opportunity. I hope, I hope, I hope that this works out. That would mean no rent. I would just have to pay utilities. The owner has to leave and go to the USA for some medical condition he has and he expects to be gone at least 2 years, maybe 3. I hope to talk to him in the next few days. He is a friend of one of my friends here. So for those of you who pray, that is something you can pray about.

And the sad news - my brother Ron passed away this week. On Monday the 4th of November, 2013, Ron's death was caused by a lympth cancer. I don't know the exact cancer name, there are many lympth cancers. The one he had was one that had no treatment and no cure. I was with him for a couple hours back in May before I came to Colombia. He was in pain all the time, had trouble walking, but managed. Yet he always smiled, he was cheerful, and he knew what was coming. I got a picture of him with a big smile on his face sitting in his chair in the living room. That is how I will remember him - cheerful and smiling in the face of immiment death.

Now the best news - I have posted on here previously about the job I got with a company called Starway Idiomas. I have now been with them for 2 months. I still have the same two clients that I started with. They have said many times that they are talking to more potential clients, but they just can't close any deals. And they have made a mess of the scheduling for the clients. And they have broken every promise they made me and the clients. They are not a professional operation at all, just 3 guys who are clueless. Anyway, both of the clients - Kal Tire and Michelin, are also fed up with Starway and neither of them are renewing the contracts. Instead this is what has happened - Kal Tire Mining Group has hired me on as the company English teacher. That's right - a company english teacher. There are about 25 people here in this office and I am teaching all of them, from the lady who serves coffee and cleans the place, to the top GM. And, Kal Tire is helping me get my official work Visa so I will be able to work legally, sign legal contracts (such as rental agreements, water, gas, electricity, cable/satalite tv, internet, etc) and even pay taxes (ugh). hehehe. Anyway, I am working about 30 hours a week, 6 days a week. Saturday is generally only the GM and CFO and one other group. Kal Tire is paying me an amount that is about double the minimum wage here, which is enough to live comfortably. Plus my other client helps even more. Now the other client, from Michelin, his name is Jesus, has said he will pay me directly, when his Starway contract ends. He does a fair bit of traveling so misses quite a few classes, but always makes them up. I have his lessons in the evenings. So that gives me all afternoon open for any other clients I can find.

So remember to pray for the apartment situation. If I can get into the house sitting situation and have no rent to pay, I will finally be able to start saving money. That would be a nice change. Even in the US my job didn't pay enough to allow me to do that.

Till next time - Chao!

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