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Been Quiet

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Hi, it's been a quiet two weeks since my last update. Last week was a school vacation week. I have only 3 lessons last week. My students were either travelling for business or taking a vacation week with their families. This next week should be back on track with a regular schedule.

I don't have a tv, and if I did it most likely wounldn't have cable/satellite, so I haven't kept up to date with the news from the US. Have any of you in the US been directly effected by the government shutdown?

Lets see, oh, just the other day my landlord told me I will need to find another apartment, but he is giving me a couple months to save up the money and locate an apartment. He has a car (most people here don't have their own car), and his garage is actually his brothers. But his brother needs to use the garage for his own business. So Edgar, my landlord, wants to convert the apartment I am in, which as I posted previously, is not a finished apartment, to be his garage. Oh well. My friend Belkis also needs to find an apartment, so we are going to go in together and get an apartment together. Further north in the city. Living here in the south of Barranquilla, in Soledad, is not all that great, as I have written about previously as well.

And just a little while ago, while sitting here at my computer, in Edgars apartment (because his wifi doesn't reach into my apartment), I reached for the fan to turn it a bit, and one of my fingers went through the fan cage and into the blades. It got cut 4 times. Including my fingernail. Blood came rushing out and splattered on my clothes, on the floor. Now it is bandaged, but hurts like mad. You don't realize just how sensitive your fingers are until you injure one. One of my index fingers has had two bad cuts to it in my life, it is very painful.

So right now my head is not in the best of places for writing, my finger hurts terribly and typing isn't helping it, so I am going to end this writing at this point. Till next time, take care and God bless you all.

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