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Looks like I'm playing sax again!

Saturday 31 August 2013

Hi! So what's new here? Let's see. I have been to at least 5 schools to ask about working for them as an English teacher, so far I get responses like "We will talk to the kids' parents and find out how many want lessons" or "We will talk to the administrators". Almost every school here has at least one English teacher teaching English classes. But what I have learned is that they are all Colombians who know English only well enough to teach it, and not fluent in the language. I have talked to quite a few kids in the nieghborhood about their English classes, and it appears that the kids are learning nearly nothing. They barely know the basic greetings, and this is after 1 or 2 years of English classes. So I have made a "resume" of sorts to give to schools when I am there to ask about a teaching job. I hope this will improve my chances of getting more work here.

This past week while visiting with my friend Edgar and his family, a friend of his stopped by, and Edgar introduced us. Turns out this guy is a musician, a percussionist. He plays at a music school, which is a branch of one of the universities. We talked about music and I showed him the video of one of the bands I played in, and pics of other bands I played in, and he invited me to a session with the jazz orcehstra at the music school. So last tuesday I went and watched the percussion rehearsal, then after that was the jazz orchestra rehearsal. A guy in the band handed me his alto sax to play so I was suddenly put in the band to play, completely by surprise. So I played the music, they liked how I played, and when the rehearsal was finished the director asked me to play a solo, and what key I wanted to play in. Talk about being put on the spot! So I told them the key of G and off we went - about 10 - 15 minutes of improve. It was a blast! I haven't played like that in years. And they want me back. The music school has a Yamaha alto sax that is not being used, so they will let me use that, but it has no mouthpiece. So, if anyone reading this happens to have an alto sax mouthpiece just sitting in a drawer somewhere, and you have no use for it, maybe you could put it in an envelope and mail it to me? I can't afford to buy a mouthpiece, here or in the US. If it turns out that someone does have one and can mail it to me, here is my address:
Charles Wiegand
KR 17A No. 68-03b
Soledad, Atlantico, Colombia
(no zip code)

Oh, and there is another band that is interested in me playing with them. They play merengue, salsa, cumbia, son, and other Caribbean styles of music. I haven't met with them yet, just one of the members. So I don't know if anything will come of that, but I hope so. That would be fun!

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