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Jorge Borjas - scammer, liar, cheater

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Jorge Borjas, the man who was supposed to be working with me to start an English school here in Soledad, is nothing more than a liar, a scammer no different from the ones in Nigeria or Ghana or many other countries, and a cheat. I could use much more 'colorful' language but I won't here.

Jorge Borjas - he supposedly added me to the legal papers making me 49% owner of his company and we were to open an English school. I've never seen such papers with my name on them, so I don't believe that ever happened.

Jorge Borjas - he supposedly had a friend at Immigrations that could get his visa fixed (it was expired) and mine changed to a work visa. All we had to do was pay some money to the man and he would get it done. Yeah, right! I gave him 1 1/2 million pesos to do this, supposedly Jorge gave him 4 million pesos. I don't believe it. I now believe Jorge simply took my money for his own use.

Jorge Borjas - he also borrowed money from me occasionally for food, or getting his phone recharged. I believe I am in debt to him probably close to 2 million pesos.

Jorge Borjas - he has borrowed money from at least 5 other people here in the neighborhood, 5 that I know of. All combined somewhere around 750,000 pesos. Plus the hotel - he owes them a few hundred thousand pesos as well. Like me, those people will never see their money repaid.

Jorge Borjas - told me he got a bank loan on the school for 10 million pesos. Said I would need to set up a local bank account so the check could be deposited because he couldn't set up an account because of his expired visa. After more than a week he finally said he got the check cashed, then he told me we would meet at a certain place and we would fly to Bogota. There we would get our visas taken care of, then I would return to Barranquilla, and he would stay in Bogota. Next thing I find out is he says he is in Bogota! I am still in Barranquilla. What? So he left without me.

Jorge Borjas - said he went to Bogota by himself, that his wife and son are still here in Soledad at his apartment. Not likely! His wifes mother and grandmother and brother are the only ones there. Apparently he took his wife and 2 kids with him. The original plan was for he and I to go, get our visas fixed, then he would have his wife and kids come out to him in Bogota.

Jorge Borjas - he is a liar. Everything he has said he would do has been nothing more than one lie after another. Sure his background info is verifiable. Big deal if his word isn't worth spit. He is no better, no different, from the internet scammers, mostly in Nigeria and Ghana, who earn your trust, get you to help them with some money, then disappear. He is trash. He is a scammer. He is not to be trusted. He does not keep his word, probably doens't know the difference between his lies and truths.

I have had some help from one family, thank you very much! I really appreciate it. I now have 2 students so am doing better, but if others can help, I would appreciate it. The exchange rate is quite favorable for dollars to CO pesos, so even a little goes a long ways.

IF by chance anyone feels like helping me here is my bank account number, you can simply go to any Wells Fargo branch and make a deposit into my account.
Keep in mind that any money deposited will be sucked up by the bank to pay back the overdraft.
If you want to help me directly, it will have to be through Western Union and you would email me the transfer number. It would have to go to:
Charles R Wiegand
Barranquilla, Atlantico, Colombia

I am able to get on the internet twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, at the hotel where I was staying. At least they let me use their wifi for a little while.

If you can help - thank you very much, you don't know how much I appreciate it.

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