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When in doubt tell the truth.

-- Mark Twain

Not so good now, here's the truth of it all

Tuesday 23 July, 2013

So all is not roses here in Barranquilla, I will finally write about it all.

As you know, if you've been following my blogs since I arrived here in Colombia, that I met a guy here named George Borjas and his family. He is Honduran/American, from New York, his wife Eliana is Colombian. George had already started the process of starting an English school here in B'quilla last year. After we bacame friends it appeared to be something to work with him on. He showed me all the papers from the city, the permits, business papers, etc, a fairly thick pile of papers and they are all legit. And most of what he has told me can be verified easily - he wrote a book about violence in Honduras, and he has a copy of the book, I have seen it. He has done TV interviews in Honduras, they are on Youtube, talking about the book and the things he has been involved in - he'd been kidnapped twice, shot 26 times, etc. All verifiable. As well as the scars that are obvious. So I had no real reason to doubt him. The only stories I can't confirm are that he claims to be a former UFC champion. I have seen him at the gym where we go to work out, and it is obvious he knows how to box and kick a punching bag. He claims to be an expert in multiple martial arts, but none of this I can verify.

So I gave him money for getting changes made to the business papers - adding my name to the business. I have yet to see any new papers that actually show me as a business partner. He also said he had given a man at the Immigration dept money to get his visa fixed, and I gave him money to get mine changed from a tourist visa to a work visa. None of that has happened. George says the guy has been coming up with many excuses for not getting it done. George claims he has been pressuring him to return all of our money. Supposedly this guy went to his bank and got the money, but so far I have not seen any of my money returned to me.

So here I sit today, my bank account is empty, actually negative because of the fee they charge. I do have one english student who is supposed to be here today and *should* pay me for the next two weeks of lessons. I hope that he actually does.

I may have screwed up by trusting George, I still do not know, as I have not heard from him now for two days. But part of that is because my phone is out of minutes and I have no money to get it recharged.

I hope and pray he gets my money back and soon. I am tired of his empty promises. I need to move out of this part of the city and move up north, into the central part of B'quilla, there i will have better opportunities for teaching English to people who work in hotels, and there is a call center for Tracfone where they require everyone to speak English, and there is a school called Colombo-Americano where there is a very good chance I could get a job as a teacher. But I have to get up to that part of the city, but that requires the money that I am waiting for from George.

And something else, and this bothers me more yet - I met a woman a week and a half ago, we spent a couple hours talking at the mall. She has two teenage sons, is a widow for 4 years now, and she is very much interested in me as I am in her. So whats the problem? I have no way to get up to her to visit her, until I get my money from George. And with my phone not working I can't txt her and she can't txt me, and we were doing that every day, at least a few times a day. I can email her and her me, but we both miss the good morning messages and the good night messages.

I know that many of you are thinking "what a dufous, you should never have trusted someone you don't know" and so on. I know. I blew it. I screwed up. And now I am in a bad place because of it.

I trust people to a fault. It's just the way I am. Will I ever learn not to be so trusting?

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