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My first week in Barranquilla

Thursday, 6 June 2013

I moved out of the hotel in downtown to a less expensive hotel on the south side of town. The area is called Soledad. The hotel here is much cheaper.

This week has been mostly exploring and learning the area, where the shopping centers are, etc.

There is another guest here at the hotel, George and his wife Eleana and their kids and her mother and grand mother. George has lived a very interesting life, lots of experience in different countries. And he and his family are moving back to Colombia. He is also an English teacher and mentioned he is interested in starting a school. So we have been talking about this, going into business together. The investment is not too big, certainly doable with what I have now. And he already has students so we would have a school with students as soon as it opens.

Today we went to Immigrations to find out about getting our visa's converted to work visas. He doesn't have to because of his Colombian wife and kids. I do though, but to convert mine would require either leaving the country and re-entering and getting a work visa at that time, or waiting for it to expire/leaving/returning with a work visa, or the last option is pay a fee to the immigrations man and he can get it done for us. Which is problably the option I will go with. Then we went to city hall and couldn't get in because we were wearing shorts. Seems it's ok to wear sandals, guys and gals, but shorts are a no-no. Not that the employees are wearing shirt/tie, they aren't, slacks and polo shirts and sandals. But the public can't enter if wearing shorts. OK, so one of the guys working there answered Georges questions outside on the sidewalk, noisy busses and taxi's, honking horns, didn't matter, it was still business as usual.

I have bought a computer - HP Pavilion Notebook PC. It's the kind that the screen flips around and lays flat over the keyboard and has a stylus for touching on the screen. That works great except the keyboard is covered so no typing when using it that way. The Windows 7 Professional that is installed is of course in Spanish, and I have yet to get it changed to English even after making at least 3 or 4 config changes. I could install the Win7 that I have, but I have decided to leave it as is. That way it will force me to learn a bit more Spanish. Besides, it's only the menus that are Spanish. No big deal.

The weather is getting close to the start of rainy season, the same as the monsoon season in Arizona. We've had a few rainstorms here this past week. Same as in Arizona - heavy rain, flooded streets, finished in a few minutes. Sunny again.

Till next time - Adios!

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