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Look at the faces of my people:
You will find expressions of love and despair, hope and joy, sadness and desire, and all the human feelings that live in the hearts of people of all colors. Yet, the heart never knows the color of the skin.

Chief Dan George

In Washington state now

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

I arrived in Seattle on the 21st to a cloudy, wet, and quite cold day. Was quite a shock from the near 100 degrees in Tucson. And I have no jacket with me. I packed my jacket in one of the boxes of stuff I would ship to Colombia, and I wasn't expecting Seattle to be soooooo cold. It is almost June after all. Anyway, here I am, at Patti and Chad's house. Patti is Cheryls youngest sister.

Yesterday I went to Lake Stevens to see Nicole and then I spent the evening with Austin, dinner and working on his van and not getting it fixed. Hopefully he'll get it fixed soon - it has an electrical short. Today I'm waiting for my nephew Jared to come to visit and then heading up to Darrington to see my brother Clayton. I'll spend the night there.

I have a full schedule ahead of me - tomorrow head in to eastern WA to see more brothers and other relatives, probably leave that side of the state on Monday. Then drive to the coast to see Debbie, Cheryls other sister. Then tuesday hopefully into Seattle to see my other brother, then back to Patti and Chad's home and fly out to Colombia on Thursday.

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