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Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.

-- Mark Twain

I learned something new today

Saturday, May 18 2013

I'm sure some people will laugh at me about this one, thinking 'How could you not know that?'. Well, I haven't been a bachelor all that long, only a bit less than 3 years, and I am having to learn a lot of stuff by trial and error. So it happened today.

Since I am moving out in just two days I didn't want to buy dish washer soap, and I wanted to use the dish washer to was a hat. So I put a bit of liquid dish soap in the little tray in the dish washer. Some time later I walked into a flooded soapsudsy kitchen. heheheheh.How on earth can a little bit of liquid soap cause a dishwasher to flood, when a tray full of powder doesn't?

Oh well, the floor got a good cleaning, and it needed it done anyway.

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