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-- Mark Twain

Camping World, where I work

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

I work for Camping World, the RV supplies/accessories stores. Been there for a year now. Some months back the company started this new publicity stunt called Project Good Samaritan. What it is is this: the company wants to put up a "look at me, aren't I just the best!" face to the public. So they mandated that every employee MUST, as in IT IS A REQUIRMENT OR ELSE YOU'LL BE FIRED, 'volunteer' for some good public project/organization, etc. It is FORCED VOLUNTEERISM, which isn't Volunteering at all. If a person is forced to do it, they are not volunteering, no matter what spin they put on it. And I have a problem with that. It is false! It's nothing but a publicity stunt for the company. So I told my boss I wouldn't take part in it. It's against my principles. And I won't compromise my principles. Not for my job or my boss or the president of the company. So what came of it? Months later, after several warnings from my boss, he called me into his office, yesterday. He handed me two pages, a statement that if I didn't take part in the forced voluntary program, oh, excuse me, the Good Samaritan program, I would be fired. Terminated. Two weeks fromyesterday . So now what is this? They are basically holding a gun to my head saying "Volunteer or lose you job"! Really? How incredible is that? Unbelievable! Ridiculous to say the least.

Is this even legal? If it is it certainly shouldn't be.

I wouldn't have a problem with it if the company would just say it is voluntary to take part in the program. But they had to go and say it is MANDATORY. That means it is not VOLUNTARY!

So I am planning on leaving the job at the end of May anyway (more about that below), and my boss knows this. But that doesn't matter. Two weeks from today I will be fired if I don't compromise my principles and take part in the program.

So what do I lose if I get fired? Another month of pay, probably my accumulated vacation pay (I was told they don't have to pay that if the person is fired). OR I can give my boss a written notice that I am voluntarily quitting (before the termination date). That would mean they would have to pay me the vacation pay. But I would still be out a month of pay. But, of that month pay how much actually would be saved for my trip to Colombia? Maybe a couple hundred dollars at the most.

At the end of May (that was the planned time frame anyway) I am/was planning on leaving for Barranquilla Colombia to start my new life as a TEFL teacher. So maybe all this BS at work will just push the time frame up a few weeks earlier. Now I just have to sell everything I have before I can leave. But that work situation is just beyond reasoning. I can't fathom how the company can take such a stance. Just for a publicity stunt, oh, excuse me, should have said 'Just for the publicity'. You'd think a company would want employees of principle, employees who stand for something, believe in something and are willing to stand behind it and not be open to comprimising themselves. But not Camping World. They just want robots. Brainless employees who will do nothing except what they are told, no matter what it is. Well, that's not me.

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