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All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure.

-- Mark Twain

Another new job - Yay!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Since my last full time job at FUSUA, and being 'released' for no reason, I was out of work for a couple weeks. I then got a job with a washing company called Wascho Int'l, they wash fleet vehicles. I did that for a week, then was offered a job at Camping World. I started that job last night. Worked a late shift as we were making changes to some of the store shelvs and displays. I think I'm gonna like this job - I stay very busy during the entire shift so the time goes by fast.

Here at the house, the heater quit working, actually it has a cracked heat exchanger and the gas company tagged it so it can't be turned back on. Anyway, the homeowner was notified over a month ago about this. It still has not been replaced. It can't be fixed. So the property manager has loaned me an electric heater to use, it heats one room, and my electric bill is three times higher for this past month than is normal. And that's just to keep the one room at about 70 to 72 degrees. So when it came time to pay my rent I paid them only a small part of the rent, and they didn't argue or say anything. Yet they still haven't gotten me a proper heater. Oh, well, now that I have a decent job, I'm gonna move out of this overly high rent ancient dump of a house. Maybe find a place closer to where I work.

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