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Been too long

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

It's getting close to a year since my last post, just noticed. Oh well. So it goes. I've unemployed all this time, so there wasn't anything to write about.

Now I am working, not officially employed, but working none the less. I am working as a general laborer. First I did some big yard job for a neighbor - scrapped out all the 1" gravel in their back yard, and then put in some flagstone and 3/8" gravel. Looks real nice.

Then I went to my neighbors house - a duplex he owns. He is remodeling one side of the duplex. I ripped out most of the walls, most of the remaining sheet rock, all the floors down to concrete, all the kitchen and all the bathroom, the HVAC, electrical and plumbing. That was a week or so of work. Oh, I also primored and painted the stuccoed block wall around the property.

Now I am working at another property he owns - 3 4-plexes. First two days was spent removing everything off the outside walls getting them ready to stucco. Not sure what I will be doing tomorrow, probably helping the wall guy tear down block walls to build new ones.

All that is very hard work, and outside in the hot sun. I'm beat.

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