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...I shall never forget his disappointment when once he caught me gaffing for fish 'just for the fun of it'.
'My Son' he said, 'The Great Spirit gave you those fish to be your brothers, to feed you when you are hungry. You must respect them. You must not kill them just for the fun of it.

Chief Dan George

Bought a new car!

Saturday, 4 September 2010

I bought a new car, actually an old car - a 1972 MGB. It was restored in '07, I will post pics soon. I bought it in Mesa. Took the bus up there and drove the car home, with the top down, in 100+ degree sunshine. My arms and nose got a bit sunburned, to say the least. but the car is beautiful and runs fantastic. It is my 3rd MG, and something I have been looking forward to buying for a long time.

Pics have been uploaded to the Photo Album, just look for the folder MGB!

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