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Tejano Music Awards Fan Festival

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Cheryl and I went to San Antonio, TX this past weekend. We celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary and one of the bands I play in, Latin Society, performed at the Tejano Music Awards Fan Festival.

We left thursday about 4pm, drove about 6 1/2 hours to Van Horn Texas where we spent the night, actually only about 4 hours. Then were back on the road by 6am friday for the remaining 6 hour drive to San Antonio. We stayed at a real nice apartment, fully furnished, for less than 40 bucks a night. How? A friend of mine has a niece who is one of the managers. They keep one furnished 'suite', a 2 bedroom apartment, for friends and family.

Friday afternoon the band played on one of the main stages. It was too early in the day for the crowd to be in the dancing mood aparently. It was a good size crowd, just very little dancing at any of the stages. That usually gets going later after everyone has had a few, quite a few, beers. That first set was a bit rough as we were having difficulties hearing the drumming count in the songs. There are 5 stages at the TMAA Fan Fair, so there is a lot of noise all the time. Rudy and Josie Palacios were there to see our performance and say hi.

Saturday Cheryl and I went into downtown and walked around River Walk, then did the boat tour of the river. It's very nice in downtown San Antonio. They still have many of their very old buildings, kept in good condition. They've maintained their history, unlike many other cities which just tear it down or cover it up with 'modern' facades (like Tucson has done).

Our set on saturday went very well. Lots of dancing, a lively audience. Many good comments and even some fans asking for autographed posters.

Sunday Cheryl and I went to the Tower of the Americas (similar to the Space Needle in Seattle). Went up to the top observation deck and got some pics of the city. Then we went to the Alamo. That was cool, lots of history there.

Sunday we played on the Mariachi Stage, directly across from the Mi Tierra restaurant. Agiain, it was a very good, rockin' set. Rudy and Josie Palacios were there at the side of the stage. The performance was broadcast live over the internet on BNet Radio. There is a video on Youtube shot by the guy -

Cheryl and I left right after the gig finished. We were on the freeway by 6pm, and 12 1/2 hours later we were home. Yep, we drove straight through the night. I don't know how I did that trip by myself 2 years ago - 12 1/2 hours driving alone, stopping only for gas and food. That'd be tough now. We traded driving every 2 hours or so.

Cheryl took pics, which I've put in the Photo Album. Check 'em out.

Oh, btw, still no job. I have a phone interview on Monday coming, for a PC Tech job, and I've applied for a tow truck driving job. I'll take whatever comes up. I have had to turn down a couple jobs becuase they paid less than unemployment. Well, hope and pray for a job soon.

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