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Camping at the Salt River, Wild Horses

Friday, 24 October 2008

At the beginning of this month I was laid-off from work. Slow economy and the company made many lay-offs and cut-backs. So since thien I've been doing some contract jobs - computer replacements at bank branches. I've been working more hours in less days per week than I was before being laid-off. So far most of the jobs have been up in the Phoenix area, so I've been camping rather than staying in a motel, it's cheaper. Last week I stayed at the Coon Ridge Campground on the Salt River. This campground has a herd of 40 - 50 wild horses living at it. Most mornings they come into the camping area, eat the tall grass, then cross the river to the island. In the evening they come back across, through the camp ground, and back to the thick mesquite woods where they live. I've uploaded some pics in the photo gallery, check the Arizona album and the subalbum Salt River.

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